Watching Clue did anyone actually expect that ending. The ending got people by surprise with all these twists and turns throughout the story. These actors and staff did such a great job, presenting clues and making it so funny and entertaining. With the ending being caught off guard with most of the characters either being killed or being a murder. If you didn’t know, clue has many ways of ending, and the way clue ended at our school was a combination of all the endings.

 Asking the cast and crew if they would have chosen a different way to end it, most said no but some had some great new ways to end it. Many wanted the maid to stay alive and become a murderer too. Another way of ending the play was to have end it in a  similar way the boardgame is played. Others wanted a less predictable ending with people using different weapons to kill off the people. Cheryl Lee Cordell, an actor in the play, suggested that “each person has their own paper and we’re very close to figuring out the murderer, weapon, and place but only one person correctly got it right.” Avery Johnston, another actor in the play  suggested having Mr. Boddy not get caught and continue the game with another group of people, saying, “If I could’ve chosen a different way for it to end, I would most likely have ended it where the real Mr. Boddy had faked his death just like the real Mr. Wadsworth to get away and “continue the game” with a new group of people. However, I would not end it in a different way as I believe it was a perfect way to end all the mystery.” Although there were multiple ways to end the play, everyone loved how the play was presented and how they choose to end it. After talking with the director, Joe Crnich, he would not have changed the way it ended.

“Nope, it’s a brilliant script and I don’t mess with things that are good.”

One of the most memorable for Jada Mirbile was when Mr Green ended the show with the line “I’m going home to sleep with my wife.” This was one of the most successful plays presented at Juan Diego with almost a full house every day that it was presented. The play kept the audience on their toes,having the whole crowd laughing most of the time. After speaking with the cast, they concluded that they had such a  great time presenting clues and spending time with each other.  “The relationships that were formed are something that I will keep with me forever,” stated Sinai Barba. with many amazing moments to remember.