Red Moon In Venus


On January 26, 2023, Kali Uchis announced her third studio album, “Red Moon in Venus.” After an almost three year hiatus, fans were ecstatic to hear the news. She had previously released her lead single from the album, “I Wish You Roses.” The lyrics of the song discuss wishing her old partner the best after a breakup. The song is a psychedelic pop song, perfectly setting the tone for the album.

In an interview about the album, Uchis stated that “love is the message of this body of work.”
The album, which was released on March 3, 2023, opens with her track “In My Garden.” The track is a spoken introduction, with Uchis saying “I just wanted to tell you, in case you forgot / I love you,” perfectly opening the theme of the album. The album continues on to her lead single “I Wish You Roses.” Her next song, “Worth the Wait,” has her first feature on the album with Omar Apollo. The duo has collaborated multiple times before, working together on both of the artists’ work.

The love theme continues on the fourth and fifth tracks of the album. “Love Between…” and “All Mine” explore an intense relationship with her partner. On “Love Between…” Kali exclaims “Love between two human beings / Can be so wonderful” on a slow tempoed sultry track. In “All Mine,” Kali sings over another slow tempoed track “Every time I see you smile, that’s all me.” Kali continues onto her next track, “Fantasy,” with a feature from Don Toliver. Her next two tracks “Como Te Quiero Yo” and “Hasta Cuando” are the only Spanish tracks on the album. At the end of “Hasta Cuando,” Kali addresses her haters saying “Paint me as the villain if that makes you feel better / Make everyone hate me if that makes you feel better,” which perfectly concludes the first half of the album.

A highlight of the album comes on the ninth track, titled “Endlessly.” The synth-pop track is very uptempo and perfect for bopping your head to. The song has a very catchy hook, where Kali opens the song with the lyrics “Wanna spoil me in every way / It’s Valentine’s like, every day.” Another highlight of the album comes on track 13. “Deserve Me,” featuring Summer Walker, is the first collaboration between the two artists. Their collaboration has been long awaited by many fans, so the popularity around the song is very huge. The final track on the album is titled “Happy Now.” The song focuses on having a more positive outlook towards life, and on continuing to be happy in her own life. The song is a perfect conclusion to the album.

Overall, the album is excellently written, with meaningful lyrics, and great melodies. The album continues to explore Uchis’ past sounds, while also including disco and pop influenced tracks. Uchis does a fantastic job tying the theme of love throughout her work, and her visuals for the album thus far have been stunning.