Good Atmosphere, Cool Location, but Awful Salsa

Restaurant Review: Desert Edge

Good Atmosphere, Cool Location, but Awful Salsa

Located in Trolley Square on 700 E and 600 S, sits a versatile restaurant known as Desert Edge. 

With Prom just around the corner, it may be time to begin considering where to go for dinner dates. For Sweethearts I ended up at Desert Edge and the food was painfully underwhelming. 

The location provides a beautiful atmosphere and being in the old trolley building it is a very nice setting. However the dishes are mediocre. 

I got the fish tacos which were reasonably priced, but they weren’t great, nor were they bad. I have definitely had better fish tacos, and if I were to choose between a fish taco at Desert Edge and a fish taco at Del Taco, I would choose the latter. 

Elijah Earhart–another writer and editor for the newspaper–recently visited the restaurant and got chicken tacos. 

“The plates were colorful and the food was exquisite, and the menu had a lot of variety plus offered several different cuisines,” Earhart noted. 

Being a pub restaurant, the menu is certainly vast and versatile offering several different cuisines, however I found the food to be lacking. Yes, my plate was colorful. Yes, there are a lot of menu options. 

However the food just wasn’t quite there; it was mediocre. 

I’m not saying that Desert Edge is bad, it’s plenty good if you are looking for reasonably priced food. It wasn’t amazing though. 

On a side note, Elijah and I both got the chips and salsa and found the salsa to be absolutely terrible. Honestly it was one of the worst salsas that I have ever had and it tasted like vomit. 

When asked about it, Earhart said that “the nachos were good, but the complementary salsa tasted awful.” 

If you are looking for pub food and don’t mind terrible salsa, Desert Edge is a decent place to go. Just go expecting ordinary food but a pleasant atmosphere, and don’t get the chips and salsa.