A Pint Today, A Life Saved Tomorrow

On March 28th, National Honors Society proudly presents a private Utah Red Cross Blood Drive on the Juan Diego campus

A Pint Today, A Life Saved Tomorrow


On March 28th, 2023, Juan Diego Catholic High School will be hosting a private Utah Red Cross Blood Drive. When one sees the word “blood”, a common feeling of displeasure, weariness, or dizziness might ensue when discussing the most vital transportation system of the body.

But according to the American Red Cross, a person needs blood every two seconds, and one donation can supply the blood needed to help as many as three critically ill or injured individuals in need.


So, the giving of one’s blood, although seemingly distraught at first, can save a current or future life.  

In keeping with being a part of the greater Draper community, Juan Diego has proudly re-offered its campus as a Blood Drive center for the Utah Red Cross as of the current school year.

“Last semester was my first blood drive that I did with National Honors Society and the first one that we did since COVID,” commented French teacher and head of National Honors Society Mrs. Todaro. 

Produced from the American Red Cross, here is an overview of how the blood donation will occur and how your blood will save lives. Obtained from YouTube.

“Our goal was to raise at least 25 units (of blood) and we ended up raising 32 (units) and we had a lot of student participation; we had students bringing their parents, which I didn’t expect,… (and) we had teachers signing up and so it exceeded our expectations and it went really smoothly.”


Furthermore, the Medical News Today site mentions that the process of giving blood only takes 10 minutes, although a single pint of blood can provide red blood cells that survive for up to 42 days, platelets for five days, and plasma for up to one year, making blood donations at a “blood bank” one of the most beneficial “transactions” for the community.




Todaro mentions that “for the students who gave blood last time and the parents and the members of the community, they’re more likely to give (blood) this time because they saw how easy it was,… (and) now that people are more aware of it, they might be less afraid of it, (and it) should go just as well.”




Also, many students want to participate in the blood drive to help those close to them. “I’m doing the blood drive because I want to be able to give blood back after all the blood my dad received. When he had cancer, he donated a lot of blood to help him and I want to be able to give back for all the help my family got,” says Thais Tosolini, a senior at Juan Diego.

“There’s never going to be too much blood to have in a blood bank. And so when you give blood you’re one-hundred percent donating to someone in extreme need in your local community, this is the local Utah Red Cross,” finished Todaro.

If you are thinking of donating blood or know someone who would be willing to, the upcoming Utah Red Cross Blood Drive is a wonderful chance to help those in need.

If you are wishing to make an appointment, check your most recent emails regarding the Blood Drive donation. For further information, do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Todaro via [email protected] or any student member of the National Honors Society.