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New Holiday Movie Recommendations based on Christmas Classics


Christmastime is here! For many of us, Christmas means hot cocoa, a warm blanket, and, of course, a good movie. Although it can be difficult to try something new, there are so many wonderful new Christmas movies out there that are worth a watch! To make the movie-choosing process easier, here are some new Christmas movies based on time and true classics we all love. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite!



Die Hard – Violent Night

Violent Night is a high-action dark comedy starring David Harbour. Much like the controversial Christmas classic Die Hard, Violent Night packs a punch that will not disappoint this holiday season. As CNN film critic Brian Lowry says, “David Harbour makes a particularly good cranky, butt-kicking Santa, in a movie that offers the sort of shared experience that should bring theaters some much-needed cheer.” If you enjoyed the bloody adventures of John McClane and are looking for a laugh this holiday season, consider seeing Violent Night in theaters.



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The Grinch – Spirited

Spirited is a family flick with just as many laughs as holiday favorite The Grinch. Starring Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds, Spirited is one of many retellings of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol – but this time, with musical numbers. If musicals are your cup of holiday tea, congratulations! This is the perfect film for you this December. However, if you prefer a song-free film, skip Spirited this year. As Tim Robey with the Daily Telegraph (UK) puts it, “Spirited never gets you to a place of soaraway joy, exactly, but it’s busy, silly and not a bad time.” Catch Spirited in theaters or streaming on Apple TV+.




A Christmas Prince – Falling for Christmas

If Hallmark-esque movies like Netflix’s A Christmas Prince are your genre of choice, give Lindsey Lohan’s long-awaited film Falling for Christmas a try! Full of romance, holiday magic, and plenty of cheesiness, Falling for Christmas will give you that fuzzy feeling of holiday romance. Unfortunately, it may also have you cringing at predictable plot and cliche dialogue. Like NPR FilmWeek’s Christy Lemire says, “It’s exactly what you want it to be.” If you’re craving some Christmas camp, watch Falling for Christmas on Netflix.




A Christmas Story – A Christmas Story Christmas

The beloved 80s holiday classic has returned, and as Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times says, “It’ll make for a warm double helping of Christmas nostalgia.” With Peter Billingsly reprising his role as Ralphie, A Christmas Story Christmas continues its original plot with Ralphie as a father himself. If you’re a fan of the original, make sure to catch A Christmas Story Christmas on HBO Max!


Happy holiday binging!