Fanatic Finals

What finals week looks like at Juan Diego


In contrast to the Canyons District or other schools in the localized area, Juan Diego takes finals much differently at the end of each semester. So why is it different for Juan Diego students? 

For starters, Juan Diego is a college prep academy, which influences the way we take end-of-semester tests; longer periods and more heavily weighted with regards to overall grades. 

The structure of our grading system here at JD is based off of quarter grades and finals which add up to become the semester grade. 40% is taken from quarter one, 40% from quarter two, and 10% on the final. These three grades become your semester grade which will show up on your transcript. 

The Canyons District however, grades much differently. In fact, some other schools do not have finals at all.

In schools which still take finals, each class/teacher gets to decide how much to weigh the final grade in the semester grade. 

For example [via. Braden Fowler of Corner Canyon] says a Computer Tech class has 60% of the semester grade taken from the final grade. While an English/Literature class has 10% of the semester grade taken from final grades. 

The difference between Juan Diego and schools in the Canyons District isn’t just the percentage of final grades taken to combine for semester grades. 

On days that Canyons District takes finals, it works like a typical school day. 90 minutes per class, four classes a day (plus lunch). 

At Juan Diego we have a modified schedule to take three finals on Wednesday/Thursday, and two finals on Friday. The periods last 70 minutes for each test with snack breaks and lunch–a modified schedule compared to our usual. 

This is the schedule Juan Diego students can expect for the rest of the week: 

Wednesday 12/14 Thursday 12/15 Friday 12/16
1A 4A 1B
Snack Snack Snack/Mentor Group
2A 5A 2B
Lunch Lunch 
3A 6A

So in the end, final’s week looks drastically different for JD students, while other schools maintain their regular schedule. 

From a student perspective, finals are unfair and unjust ways to receive a large percentage of your semester grade. Some teachers believe this too. 

A student can have an A, and after the final it can sink to become below a B. 

Is it time for a change to final’s week at Juan Diego, or should we maintain the same format and grading scale?