Lunch Is For Eating, Not Punishment

Everyone has seen videos of new freshmen in a high school darting to class like it was the last thing they’d ever do. But are they onto something? To the student body’s surprise, this year has had a lunch detention system introduced, which hasn’t been very popular. 

Lunch detention wasn’t a thing last year. And it wasn’t a thing the year before. The closest thing we had was being told by Mr. Reeder to go wait in the middle school office during lunch and not make a sound, something many people had to experience many times. 

But this year it feels like the administration wants a change. Lunch detention has become a common occurrence this year, and it’s linked to your tardies. You get off for 8 tardies, but on the 9th, you’ll get called out by Salts or Tack. You’ll have to go to the student services room and wait. They’ll lead you into a back room with a large desk that has been set up with cubicles, and you’ll have to wait there for all of lunch in complete silence. 

As students are introduced to this new system, they are beginning to despise it.“It’s not fun,” said Junior Jasper Abanto, “I would honestly rather be chained to a wall,” Abanto finishes. While he probably wouldn’t actually rather be chained to a wall, you can see in his words what the people who have lunch detention are feeling. 

“You basically just sit there and stare at a wall,” Junior Lucas Slobodnic says about the experience.Students seem to share the same attitudes towards the new system, especially now that administration have enforced it more than they have ever before And it’s not a very fun idea, but there are people who consistently tough it out in the name of breaking rules. And for that, I applaud them.