“I’ve” Changed Now!

Seniors flashback their memorable changes from Freshman year spent at JDCHS.


The photo is Mary Huynh with her band members in Freshman year during band camp. She had one the best times here and misses this memorable moment she had with her bandmates.

         Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, every student knows the four years spent at JDCHS are one of the most crucial, but they can be the quickest days of our life. Students miss the memorable changes and flashbacks that happen in the last four years and don’t realize the particular growth that has sparked in every individual. 

Seniors are asked to reflect on four questions about their transitions on the last years they have spent on campus at JD. 

Question 1: 

From Freshman to Senior year, what is different about you as a person?

Senior student ambassador, Kate Sharpley says, “I have changed in a lot of ways but I would say that my willingness to be involved in the school, especially Campus Life, has really developed.” 

Campus Life has always been a part of the JDCHS community, where students can join senate, ambassador, or the social justice/peer ministry programs to be involved in the school and get to know their peers better. It has always been a positively, great impact for many students to be a change and speak up here at Juan Diego.

Senior, Ashley Tynan, says, “A lot has changed since my freshman year. I think what has changed the most about me is the opportunity to travel the world and gaining a higher empathy for people in third world countries that don’t have the same opportunities that I have been given.” 

Tynan adds that not only does has JD impacted her to be different, but she has also been impacted by the world outside of her. She feels very blessed to go to a great school and doesn’t have to worry about financial issues or part-time jobs.

Question 2: 

Within the last four years, how are you still the same?

Sharpley says, “I think that my values and passions have stayed the same, particularly in the dance realm.  I prioritize what makes me happy, and one of those priorities has been being involved in Dance Company.  This is my fourth year on the Company.” 

Tynan says,  “I am the same person i was in freshman year because I have never changed my mind on what I wanted to be a nurse.” 

Marching band member, senior Mary Huynh says, “Within the last four years, my height has always been the same.” 

Question 3: 

What do you wish you did differently from freshman year now that you’re a senior?

“If I could go back and change something about freshman year,” Sharpley says, “I honestly wouldn’t change much.  I would have liked to have seen myself be more confident, especially in owning my voice. But I think that is probably pretty normal when looking back.”

“One thing I would have changed was staying involved with sports,” Tynan says, “because doing freshman basketball was so much fun, and continued doing volleyball because I loved playing.”

Senior wind symphony member, Prayerie Trussell, says, “I wish I was more open with people, including myself.” Trussell claims that she is a very shy person, but she puts her best effort into getting to know her friends as much as she can. Trussell continues, “I wish I would’ve been more chill with people and involved in the school community more.”

Question 4: 

Was the last four years at JDCHS an overall positive or negative impact?

Tynan says, “I think that not continuing in sports didn’t have a negative impact on me because it probably wouldn’t have let  me have time to do community service that would let me to go to Cambodia and Peru.” 

Sharpley mentions, “Attending JD has had such a positive impact on my life, I have been given so many opportunities that have allowed me to be more creative, outgoing, confident, and more of a leader.” Sharpley being a part of Campus Life says, “Being a Student Ambassador has allowed me so many opportunities of personal growth.  I have loved every second of high school, and I know senior year is going to be just as rewarding.” 

There’s always a spark or an impact every senior experience at JD, but it’s a matter of taking the time to reflect on the changes that every student has had.

“It has truly been the best four years of my life and I hope to never forget it,” Trussell claims.