Mandala Mania

Talking to some Peer Ministers about their mandalas

During the second semester, you may notice that there has been a new addition in the Great Hall: the Peer Ministry mandalas. The Peer Ministry mandalas add a colorful element to the Great Hall and each one expresses the creator’s individual traits and personality.


Jaxon Green’s Mandala (Emma Shami)

“It’s definitely something different. I am not really an arts and crafts guy, so it’s really pushing me out of what I would normally do,” says Juan Diego senior Jaxon Green. He then mentions that he has been enjoying doing something new “along with really thinking about what represents and means a lot to me.” “My favorite part is it  being unique to me. I am going to put Pokemon cards, video games, and whatever else I would like on it,” Green finished.

Wyatt Robertson’s Mandala (Emma Shami)


“The process of creating my mandala was kind of like a walk down memory lane in a good way,” says Juan Diego senior student Wyatt Robertson. He mentioned that his favorite part was writing his Bible quotes and putting a poem on his project as they “really relate to the viewer and made it so much more personal of a project.” 

Emma Shami


For senior Joe Funes, his mandala was a reflection of his past and “ regarding what has made me who I am today and why,” he says. His mandala is also a tribute to his best friend. “My favorite part of the mandala was honoring my best friend, someone who changed my life for the better,” he finished.

Lilliahna’s Cruz’s mandala (Emma Shami

For senior Lilli Cruz, she found the creation process a little challenging at first. “The creating process was kinda difficult because you really had to think about what you wanted to do, put that on it, and make it your own,” she says. Even though the project is hard work, the finishing product is always rewarding. “My favorite part was seeing it all come together and getting it finished. I honestly loved this project,” she finished.

Although the mandalas are time consuming to create, they are a reflection of each student’s life and personality. The mandalas will be displayed in January, with the meaningful items, symbols and phrases on the mandalas being  near and dear to the hearts of the students who created them. All of the Peer Ministry mandalas will be displayed in the Great Hall in January.