New Year! New You?

Juan Diego’s New Year’s Resolutions


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At 11:59 pm on December 31st, almost everywhere across the world, people gather to celebrate the arrival of the next year. With the new year comes New Year’s resolutions, commonly understood as a person resolving to change their habits, goals, or feelings in order to better themselves. 

Alison Green, a sophomore, says that, “my New Year’s resolution is to make more friends with people outside of school.” It seems like a simple goal, but Green doubts her ability to stay consistent. “I don’t remember my resolution from last year, and this year, mine will probably only last three months.” 

Jack Bulf, a junior, has oriented his resolution towards academics. “This year, I want to strive off burnout from my school work and get straight A’s,” Bulf says. “I did make one last year, which was to survive the year.” Bulf did seem to survive his year and warns future students, “Seminar is crazy, don’t take it.”

Jessica Lamb, another junior, strives to be more productive and resolves to “make my bed every morning.” All the students seem to have goals that will, in the end, make them a person that they themselves find more favorable. The teachers, on the other hand, have very different resolutions in mind when asked. 

Chemist master Mr. Ulle’s New Year’s resolution this year is “to more consistently enforce the gum rule.” He does not have faith in himself though as he boldly believes that he will falter on it. 

Mr. Sontum, English extraordinaire, similarly focuses his resolution on the school rules. “My resolution for this year is to mark more tardies,” the English teacher says. “And to be more patient.” It seems a little counterintuitive, but Sontum is confident that he will follow through with his resolution this year. 

Mrs. Sawyer, head of the math department at JD, seems to be the odd one out in this group saying that this year, “I resolve to quit making New Year’s resolutions.” Others have regularly forgotten their goals or simply gave up, but never again? Sawyer gave a good response to this. “Well, they say ‘never say never’, so not never again, perhaps eventually.”

2023 may seem like a four digit number, but to many people it means lots of new changes. Make this year your year!