The Juan Diego Gallery

Featured Works from AP Art Students at JD


Juan Diego Catholic High School is home to many talented artists, but we rarely get to witness their work. Now, we hope to bring some of these artists into the spotlight by showcasing their incredible skills. Below, some of JD’s best have shared their art for our enjoyment.

Theodora Tsandes

Artist: Theodora Tsandes– Senior

Medium: Charcoal

Tsandes creates self portraits to “…portray the stress and loss I suffered through finding my identity my junior year. As you can see in all the self portraits, I studied the question ‘What does it feel like to lose yourself and your own identity?’”


Sidney Doyle

Artist: Sidney Doyle – Senior

Medium: Watercolor

Doyle’s art style is influenced by American traditional tattoos. “This piece was inspired by one of my favorite songs, ‘Crimson Telephone’ by the Coathangers. A lot of my art is inspired by music. I find that music is the best way for me to connect my feelings to a visual and create art,” Doyle shares.


Catherine Stevens

Artist: Catherine Stevens – Senior

Medium: Acrylic paint

This piece, Stevens says, is about body dysmorphia. “I love art because it gives me a way to express myself without words,” she explains.


Jackson Shemwell

Artist: Jackson Shemwell – Senior

Medium: Graphite and watercolor pencil

Shemwell creates portraits to depict people’s personalities through clothing, expression, and repetition. “I love being able to express anything I want through art and creating pieces that are important in my heart,” Shemwell says.


Thank you to the featured artists. We cannot wait to see what our JD students create next!