Best Eats Around JD

Explore the expansive food scene Draper, Utah has to offer; all located near Juan Diego to satisfy your after-school cravings.

The Side of Aloha exterior and interior, tastefully and simply decorated.

If there’s one feeling I experience consistently every single day after school–besides pure exhaustion–it’s hunger. Luckily, Juan Diego and the draper area is home to plenty of unique, delicious places to grab some food. From Hawaiian to pastries, there’s a place to satisfy any craving you could have, all conveniently within walking distance of JD.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers

The front of Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers, just a short drive down the street from Juan Diego. (Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers)

Freddy’s Custard and Burgers, located at 1146 Draper Parkway in Hidden Valley Shopping Center, offers quick, delicious food only a short two-minute drive from the school. Freddy’s has all the classic American eats: burgers bursting with flavor, perfectly crispy cheese curds, and of course, fries–a must-have for any American fast-food restaurant.

 What really is the crown jewel of Freddy’s, though, is its deliciously curated selection of ice creams, custards, and sundaes. I ordered the signature turtle sundae, and it absolutely hit the spot after a long school day in 90-degree weather.      

Next time you’re dying for some ice cream and a greasy burger, give Mcdonald’s a break and give Freddy’s a chance instead.

Side Of Aloha

Enjoy a taste of the islands from the comfort of Draper, Utah. Located at 541 East 12300 South, Side of Aloha serves up a diverse selection of high-quality Hawaiian dishes for a great price. 

Their menu is just big enough to present you with a plethora of unique and delicious options, but just small enough not to overwhelm you. I ordered the Side of Aloha nachos. They were comprised of satisfyingly crunchy wonton chips topped with avocado, tomatoes, furikake seasoning, and a rich, tangy blend of sauces.

The Side of Aloha exterior and interior, tastefully and simply decorated. (Nicole O., )

My friend ordered the Furikake chicken, which was cooked to perfection and drizzled with a sweet citrus sauce that complemented the chicken in a great combination of flavors. 

We finished by splitting their specialty crack mac,  with tasteful macaroni salad topped with bacon and green onions, which was the best way to end an already delicious dinner. Side of Aloha is an excellent choice if you are craving Hawaiian food and a lighter meal.



Coffee, pastries, sandwiches, and more can be found at Gourmandise.

The chic and inviting entrance of Gourmandise. (

Located at 725 East 12300 South, a truly hidden gem, this neat little cafe is the perfect stop for a filling snack and outstanding coffee to fulfill both your hunger and caffeine needs.

Gourmandise provides gourmet-quality food and coffee for low prices, a much better deal than Starbuck’s subpar seven-dollar chais.

I ordered an iced cafe mocha, while two other friends ordered a passionfruit lemonade and an iced chai. All drinks were delicious, refreshing, and perfectly hit the spot after being thirsty and sleepy all day. 

We also got a Turkey Bacon Avocado Panini that smelled absolutely mouthwatering and tasted scrumptious to match. Overall, Gourmandise is a must for a quick after-school bite and some high-quality coffee. 

Juan Diego and the surrounding area have plenty to offer in terms of food and drinks; there’s always a good choice available no matter what you’re craving.