Cheers To You

Seniors on the Juan Diego Cheer team reflect on their past few years


As we enter the new school year, Juan Diego’s senior class begins to reminisce on its past three years of high school, especially the senior members on the cheer team. Despite the pandemic and the team only consisting of seniors and sophomores, the cheerleaders have built lifelong friendships they will never forget. 

“The bond that the team has is what I enjoy the most while being on the team,” Said Cheer Captain Lexi Blackett . “The coaches are always there to listen to what is going on in our lives and we all know that we can trust our teammates. This trust has resulted in many inside jokes we all have which is definitely one of my favorite parts.” Blackett is one of  three captains on the team this year, and has always played a large role in being an example for the rest of the girls. After being on the team since her freshman year and having two previous years of experience from middle school, she hopes the younger cheerleaders continue to get involved. 

“Being a senior on the team this year makes me feel honored and grateful, especially when the other cheerleaders come to me when they need help learning something,” Cheer Captain Karla Diaz says. “The team is more than just a group of friends, they’re my family. It makes all of my problems go away when I’m performing.” The team has become an escape for Diaz these past few years on the team. She has been on the team since her freshman year, and was a part of the Saint John The Baptist middle school cheer team for one year. .

“This team has turned into my family over the past few years and I will never forget about the bond we all have.””

— Lexi Blackett

Morgan Rutledge is a second-year member after being on the team as a sophomore. “My favorite thing about the team is how we all motivate each other,” Said Rutledge . “Yes, sometimes we mess up, but we all joke around and it’s always positive and encouraging. The whole mentality of the team is very positive and I think it’s helped us a lot this year.” While Rutledge will miss the laughs and close bond of the team, she hopes that the younger girls continue to motivate each other and not compare themselves to anybody else. 

The seniors on the team continue to call cheers at every football game and enjoy their last Friday night lights. There is no doubt that saying goodbye to the eight seniors won’t be easy, but they won’t stop making memories as this season continues. “I will forever remember all of the people I have met on this team,” States Blackett .