Fresh Faces at Juan Diego

A new group of teachers have entered the school this year


For the first time in more than a year, we have begun to feel like our school year is becoming slightly more normal. Masks aren’t required anymore, plexiglass isn’t surrounding us everywhere, and temperature checks have disappeared. With all of these changes, a lot of friendly new faces in the staff have joined the Juan Diego community, making the school year a little more interesting.

If you have a learning center, you might have noticed a new smiling face in the room. Ashlyn Jenkins, from Orange County, California, has taken over the learning. 

Ashlyn Jenkins during a Learning Center class (Emma Shami)

This will be my first year teaching and I am looking forward to it,” she says. She is enjoying her time at Juan Diego and says “My experience at JD so far has been great. All of the teachers, students, and staff have been so friendly and welcoming. I am really excited to be here.” 

Jenkins’ favorite part of being a teacher is being with the students. “One of the things I enjoy most about being a teacher is interacting with students on a daily basis and making a positive impact in their day.” 

Logan Garside is the new psychology teacher and history teacher here at Juan Diego. It is his first year teaching. 


“I’ve really enjoyed [teaching at Juan Diego],” he says. “Everybody has been super welcoming and kind. Everybody has helped me every step of the way.”


He has enjoyed getting to know the Juan Diego community and seeing all of the traditions that Juan Diego has. 

Logan Garside teaching AP Psychology (Emma Shami)

“The sense of community that the school is trying to build with the mentor groups, I think it’s really interesting and you don’t really get it at any other school

.” “I think that’s what’s stood out to me so far,” he finishes.


Michele Milton is not a new face around campus, but it’s her first year in the high school. “I have actually been on the campus for 12 years. I worked over in the  elementary school as a Para Educator,“ she says.

Michele Milton teaching in a class (Emma Shami)

Milton is enjoying being in the high school so far. “My experience here at JD has been a very welcoming experience. Someone is always ready to lend a helping hand and answer any questions.” 

Helping students is her favorite part of her job. “I love to see the relief and gratification on their faces when they finally understand,” she finishes.

The teachers at Juan Diego are all extremely passionate and eager to help students and to form relationships with them in the classes that they teach. They bring a new teaching perspective to the classroom and to the Juan Diego community.