Homecoming: Corona Edition

Homecoming this year was certainly a dance to remember


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Seniors enjoy their food-truck dinner at the outdoor seating.

It is no secret that this has been a pretty unconventional year. With temperature checks, plexiglass, and masks, a lot of things have changed in wake of the coronavirus. Even though a lot of things are different, JD has been committed to still giving the students some kind of normal. For example, they decided to still have a homecoming dance, in a very unconventional way. It was completely new and unexpected, but the question that everybody’s been asking is, was it better than a traditional homecoming?
Some students enjoyed the many new things that you could do at the dance instead of just dancing. “I really did like this one more,” says Senior Tynli Moore. “I liked this because of the variety of activities, and having food at the same place as the dance,” Moore continued. Even though it was a lot different than a normal homecoming, there was still a traditional option of dancing, “It also still had the dancing area, so for those who do like dancing, still have that option,” she finished..

I think having different things to do made the event a lot more unique”

— Jackson Shemwell

Ice cream from Spilled Milk, a food truck at the dance (Jasmine Aguilar).

Getting ready for the dance was a whole other story, says Junior Morgan Dawson, who is also in student gov and helped organize the whole event. “Set up for this year’s homecoming was just like the theme, CHAOS!” she says. A new homecoming didn’t come without new concerns though. “We were a little worried about how outside would look… I was scared that we wouldn’t have a lot of people show just because it was something different,” she says

But should every homecoming be like the one this year? “I think it would make the dances a lot more interactive and more fun,” says Sophomore Jackson Shemwell. “I think having different things to do made the event a lot more unique… because sometimes people get tired of dancing and just have to sit down,” he finished.

Mr. Lee’s photobooth and the indoor decorations at JD’s 2020 homecoming. (Jaren Morgan)

It looks like the new homecoming was a success! Having more activities to do and food there seemed like it was a more fun experience. “We wanted to have something really fun that people would want to come to, but we knew we couldn’t just do a regular dance so we decided why not make it a party with food trucks and games!” Dawson finished.