The Scary Side of Netflix

Crime documentaries and shows have taken our suggestion box.

The Scary Side of Netflix

Have you ever wondered what is going on inside a killer’s mind when they commit the crime? There is no longer any need to wonder, everyone’s favorite streaming platform Netflix has taken a turn into a new genre of murder series. There are over a hundred shows about crime and they keep coming. Over the past year, Netflix has given us original series like Making a Murderer, The Bundy Tapes, and Inside the Criminal Mind. These are just some of the murder shows we cannot stop watching. You get hooked into all the details behind all of the gruesome crimes that the killers committed, and we’re here on the edge of our seat watching.

A newer series that has seemed to intrigue the Netflix watcher is The Bundy Tapes. This show is a four-part series with hour-long episodes that go through the all of Ted Bundy’s violent life. In the show, you even hear some eerie tapes Bundy made while on Death Row. As you watch the show the deeper it goes into the man’s life of crime, the more you become intrigued. While watching, Bundy becomes a man you love to hate. One thing I can say for sure is that I did not sleep the night after watching the show. 

The next show is called Making a Murderer. Originally appearing in 2015, it is one of the first crime shows that became a Netflix original series. It was very popular on its initial release date with raking up to about 20 million streams in the first month. Over time the show became less popular, but since the second season has come out, it has become one of Netflix’s most popular shows. You can’t look away from this gripping drama about a man who was wrongfully convicted of a murder Until finally the man who got thrown in prison for a crime he did not commit was proven innocent. In the end, the same man who was proven innocent was thrown back in prison for an actual murder, which he was actually guilty of. At the end of the seasons, your left with so many questions all you can do is hope they are answered in the upcoming episodes.

Out of all of Netflix’s murder shows Inside the Criminal Mind is seen to be one of the best they’ve made overall. All of the other shows focus on one subject, but this show brings us multiple different kinds of criminals and gives viewers an inside look inside the psychological reasons behind their motives. Experts take a deep look into the mind of the criminal to figure out why they have the urge to kill, steal, kidnap, etc. While watching this show there wasn’t a moment that I looked away. It was so intriguing and interesting and it is an amazing show.

So now that you have some good Netflix recommendations for the crime fanatic in all of us, give one of them a watch. They will all make your heart race and will become more intriguing the more you watch. If the shows don’t sound scary enough, Netflix has a whole category full of hundreds of documentaries and TV shows and one should be able to make your heart skip a few beats. Now that you know about the scary side of Netflix, go watch at your own risk.