Silverline Starts Their Season Off Strong

Recapping the team’s 3rd place finish at Bountiful


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Silverline Showcasing their Dance Routine at Bountiful High School

It’s 5 a.m. on January 9, when the Drill team begins arriving at school. There is a long day ahead and the team is nervous, stressed, and excited. After doubts of winning and their abilities, the team is on edge, not knowing of the great success they would face in the 2020-2021 season.

The drill team gets on the bus around 6 a.m. and are on their way to Bountiful High for the first competition. The competition consisted of three dances: the dance routine, military routine, and the show routine. Sophomore Maren Carbaugh felt “the dances went really well,” and that they “put everything out on the floor.” When they arrived at Bountiful High, their first dance was Military.

In the military dance, the team wore black and blue military outfits. The military dance, unique only to Silverline “is very sharp and precise, and the music is really intense,” says sophomore Simone Nicolodemos. The combination of the intense music and precise movements made the performance exciting and hard to not watch.

During the dance routine, the dancers wore blue and white costumes. Nicolodemos describes the dance routine as “technical, with a lot of turn combinations, aerials, and leaps.” They danced to the song Ashes by Celine Dion, which fit perfectly with their movements. Their graceful movements and the serene song, made a very unique and mesmerizing dance performance.

The Silverline drill team competes at Bountiful (Maya Lentz)

Finally, the last dance was the Show routine. “Show is a new category that is a combination of character, hip hop, and kick” says Simone Nicolodemos. During the performance the Silverline team wore Iron Man Costumes with a grand finale. In the last 30 seconds of the performance, the team hit their chest, and a light in the Iron Man suit lit up, finishing the dance with a grand reveal.

At regions, we had a sense of confidence that I don’t think we ever had before,

— Maren Carbaugh

Overall, the performance of the Silverline Drill team was outstanding. Given their amazing performances, it is admirable that the team placed 3rd, and moved on to regions. “At regions, we had a sense of confidence that I don’t think we ever had before,” says sophomore Maren Carbaugh, “I think the mindset of winning was the only thing that we were missing at the other competitions.” All the hard work paid off for the drill dancers, considering they would place third in their first competition of the season, place first in regions, and make it all the way to semi-finals in the upcoming weeks.

You can watch the Bountiful High School Drill competition below. Military routine starts at 11:21.

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