The Supposed Necromancy of Toys R Us

The Horrifying Return of A Childhood Favorite


Toys R Us, otherwise known as The Lord of Stores, a children’s paradise, my only goal as a child, and more. Now, if you as a child lived under a rock at the bottom of the ocean and don’t know what Toys R Us is, well, there is very little I can do to help you except to say it was the best toy store on earth. They had everything in the toy universe. By that, I mean if you wanted a toy or game, anything, you could find it. However, they closed suddenly. I mean, how could such a huge business enterprise with hundreds of stores just suddenly close? It’s shocking. The truth is that they filed for bankruptcy due to huge debts, and being unable to compete with Walmart and Amazon. However, because Fate is merciful, there are rumors that the company will soon return, albeit with much smaller stores and fewer locations. A world without Toys R Us is a world without joy. The date of reopening is not confirmed yet, but their parent company, Tru Kids Brand, has announced plans to open in several locations and be on-line for the 2019 holidays. Happy Shopping!