Revolutionary Outcry: The Hong Kong Protests

Protests in Hong Kong continue to rage on, fighting for a better democracy and freedom from the Chinese government.


Nearly 7,000 miles away from our relatively peaceful living here in Utah, millions of people have taken to the streets in fearful outcry after the implementation of the controversial extradition bill, which puts Hong Kong businessesand citizens safety and freedom at risk, the situation only escalating since its start on March 31st of 2019, as the government and its people war with each other.


Two sophomores Jillian Dumont and Haley Hickman, have stated they don’t know about the situation at all. Unfortunately, not a lot of students are made aware of international crises such as the Protests in Hong Kong. And a majority of people that do, don’t know the specifics. “I know about the protests, that it was a lot of political issues and an uprising towards the government, but I don’t know what the exact cause was.” said Sophomore Hans Fenton on the topic. 


Currently, a total of 5 deaths have resulted from the protests and over 2,000 people have been injured. As of today, the protests are still going strong and show no sign of backing down. Demonstrations such as these do not fair well in Chinese history, but the 2019 protests are an exception, as they have made strong progress in getting the extradition bill diminished and gaining further scrutiny of the legal system of the chinese government, marking this movement as already revolutionary.