Juan Diego Students at the Utah High School Art Show

Several students put in their best work to have the chance to have their art displayed in the Springville Art Museum.


The school recently held the 51st Annual Utah All-State High School Art Show, where several contestants from the school showed off their creative spirit in different pieces of art representing something special. The pieces were self-judged by their peers, and then five entries were selected for the show. This year, Simone Nicolodemos, Thaia Tsandes, Camelia Dias, and two pieces by Cate Stevens were selected to be reviewed for the awards. 

“The show is broken down into 2d works and 3d works, and awards are given for best of show, juror’s choice, congressional district awards, and various scholarships. While we didn’t win any awards this year, simply having your work selected to be displayed in the museum is a huge achievement,” says AP Art teacher Annie Lemings. Lemings applauds her students on their hard work on all of their pieces and their incredible outcomes. 

“A Bug’s Life” provided by Simone Niclodemos.


Simone Nicolodemos, an AP art student, had her piece selected to be displayed in the Springville Art Museum. Her piece was called “A Bug’s Life,” and it’s meant to symbolize the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. “I was really excited to get accepted into the art show. It had been really nerve wracking to submit my work so I felt really lucky to have been chosen,” says Niclodemos.

“Cherubium” provided by Camelia Dias.





Camelia Dias, a senior here at Juan Diego had her piece considered for the art show. Dias’ piece titled “Cherubim” is a detailed piece inspired by “The Two Cherubs” by Raphael in 1513. “This is a colored pencil, gauche portrait of two of my favorite kids from the guardian angel daycare that helped me make this piece…” says Dias.

The High School Art Show was a huge success this year and congratulations to everybody who participated.