Welcome to the Jungle

The new homecoming setup was successful for the second year in a row

Last year, with the Covid 19 pandemic, Homecoming was drastically different. In an effort to maintain social distancing, homecoming was spread across the school a lot more. Homecoming went from only having a dj, a mosh pit, and water, to having food trucks, games and dancing. This tradition was continued this year, with a homecoming very similar to the style of homecoming last year.

Students playing casino games (Parker Lee)

“We helped set up, not all of the student government chose the dress up days but this theme was talked about at our student government camp in summer!” says Jackson Shemwell, the Junior Class President.. “I thought homecoming was fun!” Although he had 


fun, there was some set up that he didn’t like. “I didn’t really like having the dance in the great hall though, and I think we could’ve had a bit more room!” continues Jackson. Although planning was not an easy task, it was worth it. “Planning it took lots of hard work and time, but I still had so much fun creating and being a part of making the dance special!” finished Jackson.

The mosh pit in the Great Hall (JDCHS Yearbook)

 “Homecoming was the best, being able to just let loose, hangout with friends.” says Sophomore Elizabeth Cruz. The food trucks this year were extremely popular among the students that attended. “My favorite part would have to be the food.” A common issue among the students, however, is the placement of the dance floor. “To be honest, I thought it was just kinda weird that the dance was in the great hall.” continued Elizabeth.

“Hoco seemed a bit more scaled back than last year.” says Junior Jacob Galang. Jacob was another student who didn’t like the location of the mosh pit saying “My least favorite part was the location of the mosh pit. I wish it had been moved to the gym or an event outside.” he continues. Although the mosh pit of the location wasn’t the greatest, he is glad that the student government stuck with the format of homecoming last year. “I’m glad they’ve stuck with the great hall and the circle rather than just the commons.” 

Homecoming this year was a great opportunity for the student body to get together and to have fun, especially with the crazy year that we had last year. “I’m really grateful that we were able to have a homecoming without many restrictions.” finished Elizabeth.