The Re-emergence of Campus Life

The Juan Diego community is back and better than ever


A major aspect of our community that was missing last year is the absence of a lot of Campus Life programs. Student Faith and Liturgy wasn’t as active, Ambassadors didn’t serve at as many events, and Senate was almost non-existent. Now that we are resuming back to our normal lives, Campus Life has started to become more alive. 

The Ambassador program is a lot more present and active this year than last year. “Campus life, in

Members of Campus Life helping at mass (JDCHS Yearbook)

general, and Student Ambassadors, in particular, are thriving this year.” says Student Ambassador Coordinator, Kate Suel. “This year we are bursting at the seams with the chances to serve our community from delivering roses to congregations, priests, and our Bishop on anniversaries and birthdays to serving at our JDCHS Masses, and welcoming college representatives from all over the country to our beautiful campus for the RMACAC College Fair.” “We feel fortunate, blessed, and always grateful!.”

“We feel fortunate blessed, and always grateful!.”

— Kate Suel

The Senate program last year wasn’t very active due to the pandemic. Now, they are planning big tailgates, and pitching in around the school. “Due to Covid restrictions, our Senate program was placed on hold last year.” says Hannah Ashmore, the Senate coordinator. This year, however, Senate has a lot of exciting plans. “Senate is back, and it is bigger and better than ever! I am thrilled to be the Senate coordinator here at JDCHS.” continues Ashmore. “Senate is bringing back the Homecoming Festival. This is a favorite event of mine because it’s where we all come together and celebrate together as a community.  Save the date for October 1 for our Homecoming Festival.” Get ready to see Campus Life in full action this year.