AP Tips from Amazing Teachers

Tips from teachers on how to pass our exams


As the school year comes to an end, students are approaching finals week and their AP Exams. With AP Exams starting on May 3, students have begun the hard task of studying. To help students complete these exams successfully, we have some tips from the AP teachers below.

Mr. Dave Hausser reviewing the end of year schedule for AP Seminar (Emma Shami)

Mrs. Vanessa Jacobs teaches AP Art History and AP World History. The AP Art History test is on May 6 and the AP World History exam is on May 10. Mrs. Jacobs recommends that students gather their notes, then “choose the units that have the most possible chance to appear on the AP Exam.” Mrs. Jacobs also recommends some study materials, such as Barron’s review books and the College Board daily Youtube Review Sessions. “I love hand-written timelines as reviews since it focuses students to prepare their own study materials, which further aids in retention,” says Jacobs.

Mr. Dave Hausser teaches AP United State Government, AP Comparative Government, and AP Seminar. The AP Government test is on May 3 and the AP Seminar test is on May 11. Mr. Hausser recommends that students “get a standard AP study book, like from Barrons or Princeton Review, and take as many practice tests as possible.” Hausser also recommends using the AP Classroom website and watching the livestreams made by other teachers. “It’s beneficial to get an outside teachers perspective of AP content,” says Hausser.

It’s beneficial to get an outside teachers perspective of AP content.”

— Dave Hausser

Finally, Ms. Nikki Wyman teaches AP Physics 1 (Algebra 2). The test date is on May 5. Wyman recommends that her students take multiple choice and free response questions to help them study. “This gets students familiar with the language and the question style, in tandem with learning and reviewing content,” says Wyman. Ms. Wyman recommends using resources such as Khan Academy, AP Classroom, and AP review books. “I do really well when I rewrite my notes and make concept maps before practicing with questions,” says Wyman.

Although AP exams may be challenging, with the help of our amazing teachers, we are sure to pass these strenuous tests.