Returning Home

Mrs. Iverson finds her way back to Juan Diego, only as a teacher this time


Mrs. Iverson’s first day back at Juan Diego, only as a teacher this time.

New to Juan Diego this year, Mrs. Iverson is adored by all her students, and is a teacher that many have yet to form a connection with. As she subs in for her mother-in-law, Ms. Vickie Iverson, her bright personality and hand gestures make every single one of her students smile everyday. 

Mrs. Iverson was born in Salt Lake City and grew up in Sandy. “I have two half-brothers, and I had one half-sister, who passed away when I was in elementary school.” Iverson says, “All three of them are significantly older than me, like, old enough to my parents! Because of this, we never lived in the same house. My upbringing was definitely that of an only child” she finishes. After losing her sister at such a young age, Mrs. Iverson felt guilty for not developing a real “sister” relationship with her, which is one of the main reasons she is close with her brothers now. 

“I grew up desperately wanting to be an Alta Hawk, because my parents live right below Alta High School.” Iverson says, “I attended a private, Seventh-day Adventist (my faith!) school for elementary and Channing Hall charter school in Draper from sixth to eighth grade. The problem was that Channing Hall ended with eighth grade and Alta started with tenth grade. My best friend from elementary school tried out for cheer at JD and I decided to come here for high school,” Iverson finishes. Not only did Mrs. Iverson have the world’s best high school experience, but she was a student ambassador, did track and field, and was even on the newspaper staff for four years. “Newspaper was my life. We were printing quarterly back then, winning national and international awards. I was editor-in-chief as a junior and senior!”

“I have been surprised by how much I love my students and being in the classroom with them. To have this, along with the general Juan Diego community…it’s really special.”

— Rachel Iverson

Mrs. Iverson traveling with her husband, which is her favorite thing to do when she’s not teaching.

After squeezing in AP Psychology in her junior year schedule, Mrs. Iverson never thought she would meet her now husband through the current AP Psychology teacher, Mrs. Vickie Iverson. “On my 18th birthday, my parents   

Mrs. Iverson and Mrs. Iverson twinning on a school day.took me to Grand America for Sunday brunch. Vickie was there with her family, and she pointed me out to her husband and kids and told them I was one of her new students. Her son, Cade, asked if she would introduce him to me and she agreed. The next day, Vickie gave me Cade’s number in front of the whole class, and the rest is history. We have been together for over six years and married for two and a half!” Iverson finished. 

Now, Mrs. Iverson has found herself back in the classroom where it all started. Returning to Juan Diego was not a struggle for Mrs. Iverson because she felt comfortable and loved. “I started the year teaching English and history, however my mother-in-law requested a leave of absence, and I took over her Psychology load. I have now taught in two of my old classrooms.” Iverson says, “I have been surprised by how much I love my students and being in the classroom with them. To have this, along with the general Juan Diego community…it’s really special.”

When Mrs. Iverson isn’t teaching, she loves to read and write, snowboard, and hangout with her husband and four-year old nephew. “When there isn’t a pandemic happening, my husband and I prioritize and absolutely love traveling.” She finishes. Now as the bell rings and we walk into the classroom, Mrs. Iverson is seen with a smile on her face ready to teach. Not only does her bright attitude make class something to look forward to but makes your whole entire day.