A Miraculous Mirage in the Form of Ice Cream

Surprisingly delicious ice cream in the middle of nowhere


Jasmine Aguilar

Cheers to the best ice cream found on the lonely Interstate 15

It’s a hot day as you’re making your way down to Cedar City. You see a mirage of quenching water in the middle of the desert, yet nothing is there. You look off of Veterans Memorial Highway or I-15, in the town of Beaver and find a huge black silo screaming the words of “THE CREAMERY” accompanied by a mansion-like modern barn. Impulsively, you see this as a sign towards heaven and instantly get off the next exit. The Creamery brings tourists on this lonely road to get a yummy scoop of ice cream!

Main entrance to The Creamery is filled with vivid flowers (Jasmine Aguilar)

My first words getting here were, “Oh my gosh! It’s so pretty!” The giant-sized barn also instantly stood out to me! It is a huge building just dedicated to dairy products like milk, cheese, and most importantly ice cream! There are a lot of pretty flowers present which make the place seem a lot more homey.

You walk into the building to find the building split into four sections: the ice cream parlor, the food court, the education center, and the shopping/tourist area. I loved how the shopping area was filled with so many little goodies like stickers, snacks, and cheese curds. It all seemed fresh and yummy. The education center was a sight to see; there were a lot of interactive activities on cows. The food area was tranquil and had a variety of options. They use the same cheese curds that they have for sale and fry them to sell in the food area which is so cool!

Cheese curds readily available for sale in the retail section of the barn. (Jasmine Aguilar)

My favorite section(obviously) was the ice cream area. There were so many options for ice cream and I wanted to try each and every single one of them. I ended up going with raspberry cheesecake in a kiddie cup, but trust me, although it was a kiddie cup, it was more than enough ice cream. The prices for the ice cream were very cheap compared to places here in the Salt Lake Valley. My two friends got a huckleberry flavored ice cream and the classic chocolate ice cream.

This ice cream had a more delightful taste than other ice creams I have tasted before(or maybe I just really wanted ice cream that day). There was a lot of flavor movement going on in my mouth as I enjoyed each scoop of the ice cream. I was able to individually taste the homemade style raspberry jam, along with the complementary graham pieces of the cheesecake. These flavors went well together and made for a great scoop.

Fun interactive space dedicated to the fun science behind making delicious dairy products (Jasmine Aguilar)

There is so much to do at the Creamery and it will not disappoint, so if you are ever driving down to Beaver or heading towards Cedar City, it is STRONGLY recommended that you make a pit stop to this ice cream jewel in the middle of “nowhere”.

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