Leaders Shine During the Year of Tough Times

How Campus Life is trying to keep things as normal as possible


      As we started this school year, we questioned how normal things would be. The Campus Life department here at Juan Diego has tried to keep events feeling normal, while following COVID restrictions. Adapting to all of the new protocols here at JD and outside of school has not only been overwhelming, but makes us want a sense of normalcy back in our lives. It seems as though COVID has taken over our lives, and keeping some things as normal as possible could help with all of the craziness going on around us. 

    “It’s hard to maintain the sense of community,” Director of Campus Life Dave Brunetti says, “When I only see half of students faces and they only see half of mine, and I’m not used to see you smiling, it’s hard to develop those bonds between faculty and students because we have this ‘thing’ on our faces that is meant to keep us safe.” Brunetti finishes. Although building bonds and relationships can be difficult, faculty such as Mr. Brunetti, are trying everything in their power to keep a sense of community, while following and enforcing COVID regulations. 

It’s very important to find those little opportunities to interact with students.”

— Mr. Brunetti

          Class officers such as Morgan Rutledge help plan events such as homecoming. “Covid has made everything difficult, I mean we can’t even sit at a lunch table without a big plastic barrier between you and the person across from you.” Junior class officer Morgan Rutledge said, “There is no way to even know if we will have school next week it’s all unknown, that’s why everything just has ro be planned so last minute. Masses, retreats, even homecoming has to have a lot of thought and extra planning to make sure all of the guidelines are followed.” Rutledge finished. 

    Despite all of the madness, Mr. B spends less time in his office and more time out with students, to create those bonds that are especially difficult to build during this hectic time. “It’s more important than ever to be out with students, in the lunchroom, in reading, in the halls because it’s very important to find those little opportunities to interact with students,” Mr. B says, “Doing that, students feel safer with adults. For example, if you’re having a bad day or even a good day, you might feel comfortable talking to an adult about it that you trust, and that is what I am trying to do.” Brunetti finishes. 

Campus Life is putting in all of their effort to make this school year as normal as possible for students. Events such as Homecoming would not be planned safely without Campus Life and faculty.