An Anticipating Return

The effect of the pandemic on students at Juan Diego


Photo by Me

Juan Diego students walk to their next class during passing period.

 While many are excited about this 2020-2021 school year, many are concerned about how the coronavirus could impact their year. Back in March, two weeks of supposed quarantine soon turned into the rest of the school year online. We have seen Corona affect our daily lives, including the way we go to school. Now that this 2020-2021 school year is here, students are more than ready to go back, but also afraid it will ruin their high school years. 

Obviously this senior year is not the most ideal”

— Carlie Davis

Obviously this senior year is not the most ideal,” Senior Carlie Davis said, “We all came into this year knowing that it was going to be challenging. Because of this, I think it has been nice to see myself, and the rest of the school, really take advantage of the time that we do have.” Davis said. Senior events such as Baccalaureate Mass, Prom, and Graduation may or may not happen due to Corona, and seniors won’t be able to attend their last high school events. The current restriction on events is no more than 50 individuals in one place, sometimes less or more in other places. Socially distancing and masks are also required, making it difficult for these Senior events to occur. 

Starting high school can be really exciting as well as nerve wrecking because incoming freshmen do not know what to expect. With this pandemic, freshmen don’t get to experience high school just like the rest of the upperclassmen have their past few years. “Corona has already changed my year drastically so far. I had to quarantine the first Saturday after school had started so it has been hard to get to know new people and my teachers.” Freshmen Jesse Lindsey said,  “Our class doesn’t get the same experience as the upperclassmen. We didn’t get a regular orientation, or first day. Our ‘normal’ for high school is putting on a mask each day or sitting at home and doing our classes, we don’t know high school any differently.” Lindsey finished. 

  “As for COVID affecting my soccer season it has made it higher stakes in a way because any day it can be shut down and we won’t be able to play anymore” Junior Jonna Tucker said, “It has made me appreciate the sport I play a lot more.Tucker finished. Not only has the pandemic altered our everyday lives at school, but has affected the sports teams here at Juan Diego. Every sports team is taking restrictions seriously, because their season could be canceled so easily.

This pandemic has not only drastically changed how we live everyday, but has affected our futures. Seniors and upperclassmen might not have the opportunity to experience their last few high school events. Freshmen won’t know what a “normal” high school experience is, without masks, one way hallways, and sitting at home doing online work. Sports teams are taking restrictions seriously and playing like it’s their last time, because anything could happen that could cancel their seasons. Everyone has had to adapt to new rules and protocols, and although it may be difficult, we should try to make the best out of it and what we still have.