What’s the Plan?

How JD is overcoming the pandemic to provide end of the year traditions for their students


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Juan Diego’s teachers visiting the senior class via bus during quarantine.

I think it’s safe to say that most students and faculty members did not see this pandemic coming. When we received the news that school would resume online, everyone was shocked that the virus had impacted us to the extent it did. Throughout this time, the CDC and governor have released new rules and regulations, such as the limiting of people in a group and rules such as “social distancing,” which would in effect cancel the rest of the year, including the prized traditions of the school. Despite all of this, Juan Diego and the Diocese have pulled through and plans to provide a special, improvised set of rituals not only to the graduating class but the other classes as well.

A lot of these events are still up in the air, as this virus is hard to predict, but there are dates planned for new events. These events include the traditional ones, such as yearbook distribution, prom, and spring sports banquets. New ones have been added as well, such as an academy dinner, which recognizes members of Capstone, the Academy of Science, and others, and even a “sports extravaganza,” which provides two more games for each spring sport. “The only thing set in stone is the dates,” Director of Campus life Dave Brunetti said on the Good Morning JD broadcast. “ There’s plan a, b, and c. Plan a is we’re all gonna be together, it’ll be a normal experience. Plan b is if there are restrictions in place and we have to limit the size of the groups. Plan c is if for some reason the restrictions are still in place.” Brunetti continued.
There has been some speculation that, similarly to sports leagues, the events will take place with only seniors in attendance. If this were the case, events would consist of only seniors and student ambassadors. “If we’re allowed to have even just the seniors there, we’ll have ambassadors at baccalaureate and commencement.” Kate Suel, head of the ambassador program said. “There will also be some class honor events at which ambassadors will be serving.” Suel continued.
One of the most significant things that the school has done was visited and given gifts to not only all of the class of 2020, but also to the class of 2024, as their beginning to high school has been interrupted. This took a lot of time and effort but was well worth it in the opinion of the teachers, who miss the students as much as they miss them back. “I am beside myself to see them graduate, but I’ve dreaded this class leaving JDCHS,” Suel said.

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Mr. Salts, Mr. Tack, and Mr. Brunetti visiting JDCHS students.

Thankfully, some events will take place in a more traditional sense. “Student body officers have been involved in planning prom and other activities.” Senior SBO John Flanagan stated. “We have some really great ideas about how to make it unique and original while still being in school. It’s going to be a lot of fun this year.” Flanagan finished.
Although this time is sad and didn’t go the way anyone would’ve liked, Juan Diego has tried their best to provide seniors with what they deserve in a modified fashion. This effort is greatly appreciated by all and hasn’t gone unnoticed during these tough times.

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