Quarantine’s Newest Symptom: Ruined Sleep Schedules?

Students deal with constant sleep change during lockdown


Stock photo from Dreamstime

As schooling has completely shifted to online and will remain that way for the rest of the school year, students find themselves with different sleep schedules during this strange time. While it’s been nice to sleep in with an hour later start in the morning, this quarantine has caused changes in students’ sleep schedules.

I’ve noticed that I go to sleep a lot later ever since quarantine started.”

— Khristian Swick

A positive outcome from this time of quarantine and online schooling that students can agree on is the later school start time in the morning of 9 a.m. While some students can take that time to get more sleep, other students find themselves just going to sleep later. “My sleep schedule has shifted to really late nights and early mornings,” freshman Khristian Swick said. “I used to go to bed around 10 for school but now since it’s online I go to bed around 2 a.m.,” Swick finished. “My entire sleep schedule is really just shifted two hours later,” Senior Sara Slick says regarding the new class start in the mornings. “I’ve been going to bed two hours later than I normally do and I’m able to wake up two hours later than my old sleep schedule.”

However, some students are the complete opposite and have been struggling with maintaining a consistent sleep schedule. “My sleep schedule has been kind of ruined by this quarantine,” sophomore Maya Jacob said. “I stay up super late most days, and sometimes I don’t sleep at all.” While some students who sleep in tend to miss their classes, Jacob says she doesn’t have that issue. “Sleeping in during the day hasn’t caused me to miss classes, but being extremely tired from staying up late does affect my performance.”

Something that these specific students are noticing is that they have been feeling more tired during the day. “As the day goes on,” Slick continues, “I notice I get more tired mentally due to ‘senioritis’ and trying to cope with the situation at hand,” Slick finishes. “During this time of quarantine and online schooling,” Swick continues, “I have become more tired due to my personal sleep change,” Swick finished.

While it’s no doubt that things are different with this new time of social distancing and online school, students’ sleep schedules are not an exception as well, but it really just depends on each student’s personal plan on getting sleep or not.