Staying Six Feet Away May be the Only Way to Save the Day

Why Social Distancing is important during this global pandemic

An illustration of people living their normal lives while still social distancing


An illustration of people living their normal lives while still social distancing


The term social distancing is a new thing to hear for most 21st century human beings. Staying six feet away from the people who you used to see on a normal basis can be hard, but it is also  the only thing that can make your life feel normal again. Everyone in the world is coming to grips with the new normal. Restaurants are closing, toilet paper is selling out, hair salons aren’t taking clients, and it’s making people go a little stir crazy. For most of the world, it can be hard accepting the fact that they are going to be in their house for the next couple of months, but in actuality, staying away from most of the population can be what will help the world get back on track.

An illustration of a list of ways you can do your part to stop the spread of COVID-19

The term social distancing means “not interacting with anyone outside your household, and limiting trips to places where you might interact with people”. It is pretty straightforward, right? Well yes, but a lot of people are having a hard time with it. For most people, the majority of their lives are outside of their household. Almost everyone in the world goes to school or has a job that takes up most of their day, and they’re only home at night or during the weekends.. So when the Coronavirus started to alter our normal lives, people didn’t really know how to react. They couldn’t really accept the fact that they have to leave everything that is normal to them and stay isolated from their peers. People have lives and friends so people want to live those lives and see those friends, and then all of a sudden we have to put our lives on hold and we aren’t allowed to see our friends. 

The Juan Diego community has also been very affected by the virus and has had to put a huge amount of things on pause. Prom, the academic assembly, and graduation are all big parts of the end of the school year at JD. People have been looking forward to these things since we all started in August and it was really hard for everyone, especially the senior class. Graduating classes all around the globe have had their senior year cut short and probably won’t be able to process down the aisle in their cap and gown. The fact that people can’t seem to realize that this virus has ruined a lot of things for a lot of people and continue to hangout with their friends is really selfish.

Johns Hopkins University
A moving image illustrating flattening the curve of the virus

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention and doctors from all over the globe have pushed the term social distancing into almost every news program and article. Medical personnel are risking their health and staying away from their families and normal life to help people recover from this global pandemic. So why is it so hard for people to return the favor?. Doctors and nurses have become modern day saints and have time and again been there for people when they are sick, so the fact that it is so hard for people to be there for them to stop the spread is kind of sad. Going out to parks with your friends or going to buy makeup from Target isn’t going to help end the pandemic; it will make the recovery process so much longer. Saying that the government isn’t helping and the CDC doesn’t know what they’re talking about isn’t justified when you are out driving around with your friends instead of doing your part and staying home to flatten the curve.

Banning gatherings, having people stay at home, closing schools, and other measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19 are working so well. An influential model of the pandemic’s course now projects that the number of U.S deaths from the new coronavirus by early August will be 60,415, rather than the minimum of 100,000 that was forecasted last month. Social distancing literally broke the back of the rapid spread of the virus in Wuhan, so it’s no wonder that US health officials adopted that tactic when the virus took on a new form when it hit the US.

A business drew circles on a sidewalk to indicate the 6 feet mark between customers

Everyone has different opinions on how the virus should be handled, but most are refusing to ignore what has worked in China where the virus originated: social distancing. In today’s times, the world needs to stick together by staying apart. It can be really hard and can put a harsh toll on people’s mentality, but the only way we can get through this is to be apart and take some much needed time that would be hard to get normally. Read a new book or binge watch a new show, just remember to flatten the curve by being apart.