Class of 2020 during the Pandemic

Seniors thoughts and feelings with their last high school year cut short


JD Yearbook

Seniors at the Hoco Pep Rally. Better days…

Coronavirus is changing everyone’s lives, but the seniors seem to be getting the shortest end of the stick. The last quarter of their final year is cut short, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. “When I first heard the school was being canceled,” Senior Sara Slick said. “I felt a mixture of things. Like most people in the auditorium, I think I felt a mixture of confusion, shock, curiosity, and a little bit of joy. The idea of being able to do my school work from home was an exciting change at the moment, and I think it was when I got home that it really hit me that this meant a lot would be taken away from me as a senior.”

“Being a senior during this time has been really hard,” senior Sara Slick started. “The fourth quarter of your senior year is something you look forward to for all four years of high school. It’s the accumulation of your 12 years as a student.” Students are upset that the fourth quarter is cut short. “A senior’s fourth quarter is supposed to be one of celebration, and it’s also most likely the last few months you’ll have with a lot of your classmates, yet for the Class of 2020 we have to do all of this online, or postponed,” Slick said.

Senior Courtney Strydom seems to agree with Sara, saying that, “Being a senior during this time is extremely difficult. I was looking forward to a lot of things like kairos, prom, and graduation which have almost all been canceled. It sucks to wait four years just to have some of the things you were looking forward to getting canceled. It also sucks not being able to see your friends during the last few months we would have had together during high school.” The cancelation of significant events that all seniors share is having a big impact on seniors everywhere. Things like prom and graduation are supposed to be days you never forget, and seniors do not get that experience.

This is a massive change for everyone. “The most dramatic change for me,” Senior Jackson Butler started, “was going from being so busy with all the things I did at the school to literally having nothing but time. All of a sudden, I had the time to develop hobbies and skills such as playing the guitar and learning Italian! I could never have done those things with my busy schedule that I had before.”

Some students have found a plus side to all this confusion. “I’ve been able to focus on my gameplan for college and getting around to projects I never really had any time to do previously,” Senior John Flanagan said. This new schedule has caused a lot more time then most of us are used to. “I think everyone can appreciate the shorter days which allows everyone to sleep in, and I know a lot of people, including myself, have taken this time to work out, find new hobbies, and spend more time with our families before us seniors leave for college,” Slick agreed.

The school year being canceled is disappointing for many students, but seniors are missing out on the most. Senior year is supposed to be filled with events like prom and the graduation ceremony. Now seniors are not even going to share those experiences.