A Timeline on the Coronavirus Outbreak

A Timeline on how the Coronavirus has affected the entire world so far.

The deadly and unknown virus that took this world by surprise.


The deadly and unknown virus that took this world by surprise.

The Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has been plaguing the entire world, since the beginning of 2020. Although we might know what it is, do we truly know how far we have come since the coronavirus outbreak?

Since the end of 2019 going into the early days of 2020 people in Wuhan, China started developing a strange form of respiratory illness from an unknown cause. Although this was highly speculated to be some form of common cold, or undiagnosed flu symptom, people started to move on with their lives until on December 31, dozens of people were diagnosed with this unknown disease, which resulted in the virus later earning its name COVID-19. But at the time, there was no feasible evidence that tied the virus to being spread via human interaction.

We were monitoring it to prevent the outbreak from becoming something more severe.”

— Health officials in China

On January 11, China reported it’s first confirmed death from this unknown virus, which had infected dozens of people across the city of Wuhan. Then from January 11-23, Other countries including the United States, Japan and Italy confirmed cases of this virus had spread both spontaneously and rapidly, resulting wave after wave of sickness of death spreading across the nations, to the point where by January 30, The World Health Organization (WHO) declared this to be a Global Emergency. The President of the United States, in an effort to stop the spread of those infected, shut down and completely restricted most, if not all forms of travel from China. But other countries were still plagued by the increase of those infected.

By February 2nd, The first Coronavirus death had been confirmed outside of China. A 44-year-old man who had lived in the Philippines died after a short time of being infected. By February 11th, The World Health Organization came to the thesis of naming the deadly and rapidly growing virus, COVID-19 which stood for “Coronavirus disease 2019”. By the next day, Several countries had received over 1,000 confirmed cases and hundreds more deaths from this lethal virus.

And ultimately countries, such as Italy, Japan, China etc.. that had received the most causes and deaths from this outbreak started to put their towns and cities in lockdown in an last-resort order to try to stop the spread of the virus until, the World Health Organization, could find a cure.

By March 1st, The Coronavirus had reached a near-global scale. Prompting the World Health Organization and other countries to reach out and try to identify those infected through specific tests for the virus. During this time-frame, President Donald Trump made laws and regulations to try to decrease the amount of continental travel to European Countries, in fear of the infection spreading to the U.S. And by March 13th, President Trump had declared a National Emergency.

Up until March 26, Most countries had created laws and certain regulations to prevent the spread of the virus, such as the regulation of no more than 50 people in a public gathering place, as well as bars being closed and nationwide lock-downs. Although this didn’t stop most Americans, as the rate in the U.S slowly but surely skyrocketed resulting in the United States becoming the leading country in Coronavirus outbreaks.

By the start of April over one million cases had been confirmed all across the globe. While several states and countries had issued a stay home directive for people in the education system, such as colleges, schools, and universities. But as a result of the increasing level of cases, millions of workers became unemployed in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus, as well as the closing of restaurants and several public gathering places.

As of now, the need for Health Care for Coronavirus testing has increased to massive proportions all across the world. So in a sense, we have to take the threats that of death that this massive epidemic is bringing seriously, because in the span of four whole months the world has been infected with the “the virus that took this world by surprise” known as COVID-19.