5 Restaurants to Eat at During the Quarantine

If you can’t decide what to eat over the break, this guide will help you out



An empty restaurant, a scene which has become a common occurrence this last month.

If you have been to a store in the last month, you will have most likely noticed empty shelves everywhere. Essential items are hard to come by, but especially food items, including milk, eggs, cheese, flour, pasta, and much more. During this time, if you have the means, you should start dining locally to support businesses throughout this tough time. Here is a list of 5 restaurants that are still open during the pandemic.

Ryan’s Bagel Cafe
Ryan’s is a small little shop in Sandy, Utah that sells bagels, sandwiches, pastries, boba, and much more. Their bagels are extremely good and always fresh. The sandwiches are made with these bagels along with good vegetables, meat, eggs, and other delicious condiments, so they are hard to beat. If you want, you can also buy dozens of day-old bagels at reduced prices. This place is extremely good and quick and is a great, reasonable option for breakfast and lunch.

Pizzeria Tasso
Pizzeria Tasso is a pizza place run out of a truck in Holladay. Their personal pizzas are made quickly but still taste amazing. It is just enough to fill you up without feeling heavy or making you feel sick to your stomach. They also sell desserts, including delicious gelato. Plus, the prices are decent for the amount and quality of food you receive. The only downside at the moment is limited hours, but it is worthwhile if you can go during this long break.

Chef Ming
Chef Ming is a small Chinese restaurant that has a large, affordable menu, including dishes such as noodles, rice, soup, beef, chicken, and much more. The food you receive is not only large in quantity but also great in quality. Everyone there is extremely pleasant and welcoming, adding to the restaurant experience. They also have lots of appetizers and other classic dishes to choose from, but whatever you get, you know it will be good.

Crown Burger
Crown Burger is locally owned, although it does have many locations throughout Utah, including in Sandy, Salt Lake, West Valley, and Layton. Their menu is similar to Chef Ming in that it has a lot of variety, but it is more typical fast food instead of Chinese food. They have many options to choose from, such as burgers, clubs, stakes, shakes, and even gyros. It is always quick, but still very good. This food is very good for fast food and is sure to satisfy any craving you may have.

Last Course
If you ever get that dessert craving, Last Course in Draper will leave you satisfied beyond your imagination. It is on the more expensive side as far as desserts go, but the extravagant cakes, brownies, churros, homemade ice cream, and more are worth every dollar. They also serve good coffee and lattes in addition to desserts. Their creative, fancy desserts are sweet and amazing and are perfect for satisfying that sweet tooth in every one of us.