Living Luxurious in Downtown Salt Lake

See where you can spend your life fortune at, it’s here at Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton store at City Creek Mall in Utah.

Louis Vuitton opened its first store in Salt Lake City, Utah. The store is located in City Creek Mall, which is one of Utah’s most toured mall. This is big news for Utah because although there are many distributors there has never been an actual store of that prestige. I recently went to visit Louis Vuitton and my experience was unique and not like any other. While there are stores like Tiffany & Co. and Nordstrom. Rolex and Louis Vuitton are now the most expensive stores at City Creek Mall.

I arrived at Louis Vuitton and was immediately greeted by the workers. Although I dressed up for the occasion, many people who weren’t looking their best were definitely seen as less valuable customs. The workers focused on me for a really long time which in the end was a little overwhelming at times but comparatively, I like being the focus, rather than being left full of questions. Most of the reviews I read online from other Louis Vuittons were good and had high ratings so I had high expectations. My expectations were met and I was taken care of really well. Although had I not gone home, changed out of the uniform and into something more appropriate would I get the same attention, probably not.

The attention that was given to customers was definitely not equal and was rather up to what the workers wanted. Seeing how workers act is something that is a deciding factor between a good place and a bad place so I was very critical of their actions. I could see that they would decide to walk up to some people and not to others. This wasn’t an issue I faced but even though it didn’t affect me, it could have affected the other customers. For me, I was greeted at the door and was continually asked questions about what I liked and what my size was. I appreciated the workers there and was definitely stunned by how they acted and how my time there was. Following my critics, on the workers, the size of the store is also important. When you walk in, it feels spacious enough. It was very much an open floor type plan, where you can see from your left to your right, which made it seem very professional and business-esque.

With great service and a great location, I would 110% recommend stopping by if you’re ever at City Creek Mall and or Downtown area. Although most of the workers favor people who dress up and look appropriate, I loved my time there, trying on different jackets and articles of clothing. For the most part, it’s a great addition to the mall and is definitely going to bring more customers to the mall. Louis Vuitton is a good addition to City Creek and was an amazing place to go to. Overall if you want an inside look of what turbo-capitalism is, Louis Vuitton is the perfect place to go, with huge handbags and overpriced clothing, you too can feel like a rich Draper mom.