More Gains or More Pains?

The weight room is a place where athletes come to get stronger and more explosive. Here are the benefits or drawbacks.


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This is where all the hard work starts for athletes here at Juan Diego.

“Yo his palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy.” cites rapper Eminem. This is just some of what goes on in the weight room.  Physical and mental stamina are attributes that define a JD athlete and could predict his or her performance.

Many JD athletes take the weights class to get better at their respective sports. This could help improve their skills, or make them sore and weak if not careful, causing them to not be able to optimally perform for their team. “If a student-athlete is too weak to display proper power or hold positions while executing their sports technique, or the student-athlete cannot match the physicality of the sport or his/her opponents,” Weights Coach Zachery Gee said, “then strength training can improve performance.” Gee finished.

The weight room has many benefits with few drawbacks. “I am a lot healthier than I have been, and I have been getting a lot faster at swimming.” freshman Swimmer Kristian Swick said.

The student-athletes have felt a boost in performance since starting weights, and this doesn’t just go for swimming. “Physically because basketball is really fast, and in order to keep on going, you have to develop endurance.” freshman Basketball and Football player Boko Nanneman said. Nanneman described that there is a mental and physical side of training. “In basketball, it’s a very psychological game because your attitude allows you to have a good game or bad…” Nanneman said. In any sport, an athlete needs to be strong physically in order to compete with other players, and one needs to be strong mentally to keep focused in order to perform their best.

Weights class isn’t just one workout for everyone. Coach Gee has designed it around the athlete so that they don’t get as tired and sore as they might have if they worked out on the regular set. “One program is an off-season program. The other program is an in-season program. The only difference is that the in-season does fewer reps (repetitions) on some exercises and fewer sets on other exercises.” Gee said. 

Weights class is a gift athletes are able to have if they get lucky enough to have it have been fit into their schedule. The effects are positive, with very few negatives if monitored correctly, and have given the athletes who took weights class an advantage over the athletes who didn’t. It teaches mental toughness by pushing yourself through the workout, and it teaches physical toughness when you actually lift the weight. “So I‘ve been disciplined mentally to clear my head and not look back on what I did wrong and to just keep my head up.” Nanneman finished.

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This is what the athletes can look forward to when they go to college.