Tack and Gronseth Take over Girls LAX Program

Two JD alumni find their way back home


JDCHS Yearbook

The girls’ lacrosse team huddles during their game against Corner Canyon.

The JD girls lacrosse team lost their coaches last season but they were lucky enough to pick up two experienced coaches this year, Mara Gronseth and Ashley Tack.

JDCHS Yearbook
Coaches Gronseth and Tack before the game against Corner Canyon.

Gronseth and Tack are alike in many ways. Both of them are familiar with some of the girls on the team as they have coached them before. Gronseth and Tack coached and played for a local team called Utah Mamaci for a number of years. They graduated together in 2015 from JD and Gronseth attended the University of Utah while Tack went to play division two lacrosse at Brockport University in New York. Tack and Gronsteth have been best friends since they were young.

“I am most excited about getting to know the girls and seeing all the things the team will accomplish this season,” Gronseth said. “This is my first time coaching high school, but not my first time coaching lacrosse. The community at JD makes the adjustment very easy. Everyone has been very welcoming,” Gronseth continued. “Being a JD alumnus has also helped make it a smooth adjustment as I’m very familiar with the facility and many of the faculty/staff members that I now work with. The girls have been excited and eager to get the session rolling which has also made the adjustment smooth,” Gronseth finished.

“Ashely and Mara actually coached me in the past,” sophomore Julia Hettinger said. “Back in sixth grade, they were my coaches on my first comp team. I am excited to be able to play with my team again and we are aiming to win state again,” Hettinger said. “I have been coached by Ashley in the past for a summer lacrosse team and she was really energetic and fun to be around,” Sophomore Chance Srey said. “I learned a lot from her and she made me love lacrosse. I personally was not coached by Mara but from these last couple of practices she can make me laugh in an instant,” Srey finished.

Overall the coaches and the players are excited to get to work and pick up the season where they left off, with winning the Division 2 state championship.