Are Spring Sports Over?

Juan Diego seniors’ outlook on the possible end of their sports careers.


JD Yearbook

Juan Diego Baseball team

Lacrosse, baseball, soccer, track, and softball were all pushed back due to the current pandemic, and athletes have mixed emotions. As it is the last time seniors will ever have the chance to play a high school sport here at Juan Diego, they share their outlooks on how this is affecting the final year of their sports. 

“This is my second year on boys soccer here at Juan Diego,” senior Juan Fregoso said. “My initial reaction when I heard that my final season could be canceled was really upsetting. I was looking forward to a really good season and now we can’t play,” Fregoso continued. Although it is uncertain that all sports are completely canceled at Juan Diego, athletes are still hoping they can return. “I was really hoping to have an amazing time with my teammates and coaches, especially after all of the coaches’ hard work,” Fregoso finished.

This season might be the last time seniors will ever get to play and spend time with their fellow teammates and coaches. Beverly Deniz just began playing softball her senior year. “This whole thing has made my senior year go downhill, but the sports cancelation made me stop playing the sports I love and I’m not sure I’ll even get the chance to finish my senior year the way I wanted to,” Deniz said. 

JD Yearbook
Juan Diego Girls Lacrosse

Cartur Gray has played baseball all four years and felt both anger and sadness when he found out he might not be able to finish his final season of Baseball at Juan Diego. “It hasn’t affected me that much,” senior Cartur Gray said. “I do miss my friends and miss baseball even more and I’ve become lazier, but besides that, I’m still hoping that a very very small chance of coming back actually happens!” Gray finished. 

“I thought we’d be back in a week,” senior Ella Candage said. “I’ve played girls lacrosse since I was a freshman, and this whole situation has made me sad to see my senior year be taken away suddenly especially lacrosse. But I am still hopeful we’ll be able to get the team together one last time,” Candage finished. 

There is a chance that spring sports can make a comeback, but seniors remain in denial

but also hope that they can play just one last time before they graduate.