JD: On Air

Dr. Colosimo and Mr. Brunetti explain the behind the scenes of their new daily broadcast

A new and unexpected part of our online school landscape is Dr. Colosimo’s and Mr. Brunetti’s daily broadcast of “Good Morning JD.” Watch, from the comfort of your home, as Colosimo and Brunetti deliver the latest in their interesting segments.

Joe Elliot
Mr. Salts, Dr. Colosimo, and Mr. Brunetti begin filming a Good Morning JD segment.

“Good Morning JD morphed out of this need to keep in touch with students and parents,” Stated Brunetti, who hopes this new program helps engage students when physical interaction is difficult. “My role is really to keep the train on the tracks.” 

From the technical perspective of things, Good Morning JD hasn’t always been the easiest to  broadcast. “I usually have to do some painstaking splicing of the video to get it to final form, ” Said Mr. Nathan Tack. “I used to do broadcast journalism, so it’s taken some re-learning of Final Cut Pro to produce Good Morning JD.” 

Joe Elliot
The man behind the camera, Sayyed keeps things running smoothy.

Salman Sayyed is the person behind the camera, and helps keep things running smoothly on the broadcast. “Part of the process is having proper lighting, and making sure all the audio is correct. This can be difficult when there’s so much noise going on all around us.” Said Sayyed, who also lives with the Colosimos. 

“Some days we have it really well thought out, and other days we think about it while walking down the hall to film.” Said Brunetti, about his own preparation for filming and how Good Morning JD comes about each day. 

Whether it’s 8:30 sharp or “lunch” period, Juan Diego students can expect to receive an email containing a broadcast of “Good Morning JD” each day. “Our hope is that this is one tool that helps people feel more connected and informed during these crazy times.”

Joe Elliot
Mr. Tack, hard at work editing a Good Morning JD video.