JD: Online Edition

Students at JD are in for a big culture shock when things turn to a fully online school.


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Students are starting to settle in to their laptop being their classroom.

How are Juan Diego students adjusting to online school?

It’s not really busy work, I actually love to focus and learn just as I would if I was in a classroom.”

— Sophomore Dallas Larson

“It’s not really busy work, I actually love to focus and learn just as I would if I was in a classroom,” sophomore Dallas Larson said. There are repercussions if you do not do the online schoolwork.

If students do not engage online we have a referral process that goes into effect based on a student receiving the attendance code OL-A,” dean of Students Mr. Sam Salts said. “There will also be an email from the teacher/teachers.  Every student has a different situation so the Dean and Counselor’s office will respond accordingly to help support the students in a variety of ways.” Salts continued. You’re thinking wow that’s not too bad, I can deal with that, but it does get worse if this continues to go on. “Essentially if the student does not respond to the support they will fail the class and need to repeat it in order to get credit.” Salts finished.

“Almost all of my students do the work! I’d say of about 160 students there are only 5-10 that are not engaging on a semi-regular basis. It seems like the majority are doing all the work, all the time!” Ms. Wyman said. 

“We are addressing this week as an administration what spring break will look like and what will be required of students.” Salts said.  “You will definitely have a spring break though and there will be time off from academics. The current situation we find ourselves in is unique and unprecedented and we will come up with a plan that addresses all the needs of our students and teachers.” Salts continued.

“In regards to maintaining a rigorous academic schedule complemented with addressing the social and emotional well being of our students, faculty, and staff, there will be sufficient time for work, mental, and physical rest.” Salts said. “Stay tuned on this one.” Salts finished. Just like this situation we are in with online school, spring break might look a little bit different than it usually does. 

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Students can use any device to learn.

In regards to the work, many students are able to finish what they have to do and have ample time for themselves. Given that we are learning online, you can use any device that has internet, meaning you can learn from anywhere, whether that be in the car or your home.  “The work isn’t terribly hard as long as you’re organized,” Larson said. “If you’re not, the wheels can come off very quickly.” Larson finished.

Just like students the teachers have had to change how they are teaching. “This has changed a lot of things! Usually, my classes are social and there are conversations and discussions.” Ms. Wyman said.  “I use those interactions to gauge how students are understanding the information.” Ms. Wyman continued.  “Now it’s all based on questions, answers, projects, quizzes. It seems like lessons are more task-driven rather than student understanding. That’s hard, but we are covering more information!” Ms. Wyman finished. Teachers have to learn how to teach over Zoom or Google meets, and they have had to make all of their physical papers into online papers.

Many people have said that they like regular school better. The online learning experience is new and it will take some getting used to, but being in school and being able to socialize is nice and that is what most people thrive off of. When asked what she liked Ms. Wyman sees the good in both being online, and in school. “Both have their merits for me. I’m a really introverted person so being with students all day is really exhausting, but worth it for the interactions, the fun activities, labs, and all the different ways we can learn in person.” Ms. Wyman stated. “At home, I never have to count down from 5 to get everyone’s attention! I’m getting a lot of good feedback about the notes format.” Ms. Wyman continued. “It seems like students appreciate being able to pause a video and jot down notes, rewind if they missed something I said, or rewatch a whole video to better conceptualize the content.” Ms. Wyman said. “My commute is amazing. Regular access to the bathroom and good coffee is also nice.” Ms. Wyman finished. What do you prefer, online school or regular school?