24 Movies To Keep You Busy During Spring Break


Ashley Hemmersmeier

Screenshot of all the genres Netflix offers.

Best Of Netflix to watch over your Coronacation. Here are some movies through a series of genres to keep you busy during the next few weeks without school and sports.

Family Friendly

Incredibles 2: An action-adventure that goes through the life of an abnormal family.

The Karate Kid: A twist on an old classic, a young boy learns karate and becomes a master. 

Christopher Robin: Have you ever wondered what happened to Pooh bear after Christopher Robin grew up?


Woodstock: take a dive into the infamous music festival that everyone is still talking about. 

The Pixar Story: take a few hours to learn about A favorite movie franchise that was able to put a receding hairline on a fish. 

Hitler: A Career: Arguably one of the most famous figures in worldwide history is exposed to how he was able to manipulate the whole world.


Bird Box: A suspenseful movie about not being able to see without going crazy from a monster.

In the Tall Grass: based on a Stephen King novel, a tall grass beckons people in before sending them through trails to get out.  

The Ring: A horror movie that keeps you on your toes through the whole journey.


Step Brothers: When one leech meets another it’s bound to cause some problems, but throw Will Farell into the mix and it’s a hilarious couple of hours. 

The Interview: A dark comedy about assassinating the dictator while getting to interview him to look like real journalists.


Gabriel Iglesias, I’m Sorry for What I said When I was Hungry: Stand up comedian “Fluffy” jokes about many things and is sure to make you ugly laugh.


2012: A failed writer tries to save his family as the world is ending, while he attempts to lead them to safety. 

The Avengers Infinity War: After a long build-up the fight of a lifetime happens in the Marvel universe as they try to save the world yet again. 

How It Ends: While an apocalypse is in the midst of happening a husband is trying to reach his pregnant wife.


Irreplaceable You: This is an amazing movie about a woman who develops a tumor, she lives her life as normally as she could until the end, with heartache and lots Dear John: Based on a Nicolas Sparks novel, a military tries to keep their strong love going through letters through dangerous travel. 

The Space Between Us: After being born on Mars, a teen is able to travel to earth to meet the girl of his dreams and spend part of his life with her. 


Moonlight: While a boy grows up in a hard neighborhood he explores his sexuality while protecting himself. 

Boy With the Striped Pajamas: based on a widely read novel, when two boys on different sides of the war meet there is bound to be trouble. 

The Duchess: A wonderful movie based on a fashionable duchess, a drama that goes through her life as a public figure as well as trying to live her life. 


Bright: through an alternative time period, elves, goblins, and fairy’s all exist and cause havoc that needs to be fixed with the help of humans.  

Inception: A trippy movie with a weirder ending, a movie about people going through dreams to gain their secrets.

The Dark Knight: For the first time in Gotham history the joker is throwing the city into chaos while Batman tries to stop him.