“Anyone”- Demi Lovato is Making a Comeback


Kevin Winter/Getty Images

This is a major breakthrough for Demi Lovato as she preforms her new song.

A few months ago, Demi Lovato told her fans on social media that she would soon be making music. About a month later, the word was spread that she would be singing a new song at the 2020 Grammys and Superbowl. On January 26, Lovato performed her song “Anyone” and released it on streaming apps such as Spotify and Apple Music.

This song is a low-key sound with a lot of emotion. The opening lyrics to the background piano are “I tried to talk to my piano, I tried to talk to my guitar.” In this song, Lovato continues to talk about how she felt lonely and needed help. In the chorus, she says,

“Anyone, please send me anyone. Lord is there anyone? I need someone.””

— Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has dealt with many things such as an eating disorder, drugs, alcohol, anxiety, and depression. After her overdose, many people didn’t hear from her except for her occasional posts on Instagram. In December she made a post saying, “The next time you hear from me, I’ll be singing…” She was right, the next time that fans saw her post, she was singing at the Grammy’s. When she first started to sing the song, she had to restart because she began crying. You could really tell that the song meant something to her. In a past interview, she talked about how she recorded “Anyone” before her overdose. She later says in another Instagram post, “Even though I’m pretty much a perfectionist with recording, I thought this was best to be left the way it is.”

Some people think that Lovato is trying to get attention. She mentioned in an interview how she was surprised that people didn’t reach out to her before this song. A little while later, people found out about her overdose. Instead of representing her sadness, this song now represents her comeback and how she became stronger.

Overall, if you’re someone who likes sad and emotional songs, this is the song for you. “Anyone” shows the part of her story that the world has been wondering about since her overdose in 2018. Lovato is now coming back to the music industry. “Anyone” is just the start of this journey.