Pequeño Sabor de Tijuana

Inaugurating Tacos Lopez in West Jordan, home to Tijuanan style tacos

The Tacos de Al Pastor are what makes Tacos Lopez a definite must have when in West Jordan.

Jasmine Aguilar

The Tacos de Al Pastor are what makes Tacos Lopez a definite must have when in West Jordan.

Tacos are my go-to whenever I’m hungry. On January 28th, 2020, Tacos Lopez opened its doors to long waits to be greeted by salivating, eager customers who were waiting outside of what is considered to be heaven on earth. Even though this place is still so fresh, just like the freshly chopped cilantro and radishes, it will most definitely be one of the best tacos places drooling customers will ever get to endeavor in the Salt Lake Valley. If you are more than willing to have a short trip to the city of West Jordan, Tacos Lopez will not disappoint, with a very attentive and caring staff, the unbelievably good unique taste of tacos, and at conveniently cheap prices, Tacos Lopez is the way to go!

Jasmine Aguilar
Picture above is the Asada tacos which consist of Chile Verde, cilantro, onion, fresh in-store tortillas, and you can’t forget the steak

When I first entered the new building, I was indulged in color. Red, orange, and yellow-colored walls that were so striking and calling me and other customers to go and savor the tiny tacos wrapped in paper, which suddenly led my stomach to growl even more intensely. Before I could get any of these little gifts sent from heaven, I had to wait in a short yet fast-paced line which was a major plus (because ain’t nobody got time for that) when ordering for my tacos. They have a wide variety of choices from carne asada, to el pastor (beef on a stick, sliced and smoked for best flavor), to mulitas (quesadilla like food with meat) or if you are feeling like a daredevil, some delish tripes. 

This type of waiting in lines such as pictured from Tacos Lopez is what makes the Tijuana style tacos so good. You line up where you want your desired tacos and the best part is that you are able to see how the tacos are made. The meat sizzling and popping on the blazing hot gas grill, the chopping of onions making the cutter cry tears of solid joy, and the slicing of the pastor meat off the meat block falling ever so gently to get grilled is a sight to see, which are offered to the customers right off the bat!

Jasmine Aguilar
Hungry Customers waiting in line to get their hands on fresh off the grill tacos.

The food quality of Tacos Lopez is hands down the best I have tasted in a while. With many places in Utah tasting just like burnt pieces of rubber and a stale what seems to be a tortilla, Tacos Lopez is the exact opposite of this. Just last week for my Valentine’s date, I went and got the al pastor tacos. The meat was so tender, warm, and soft with no imperfections to be spotted. To accompany this, my date and I had to get ourselves some yummy, creamy horchata (Large size of course). Did I forget to mention that these drinks are 100% made in the store, talk about freshness guarantee. They have drinks such as Jamaica, Horchata, and Lime to offer with the best of all… flavored drinks in glass bottles exported from Mexico. All of these sweet and spicy deals for the cheap price of two dollars per taco which is not bad at all and the drink which was more than enough to satisfy the thirst of more than happy customers.

Jasmine Aguilar
The Tacos de Al Pastor is what makes Tacos Lopez a definite must-have when in West Jordan.

The overall satisfaction of the restaurant was very excellent. The staff was super attentive with a nice smile and a greeting that makes your small visit to the store a more amazing experience. The tables and selection of condiments at the store are neat and well kept, meaning that they love to keep their area clean for the ultimate client satisfaction. Staff was always keeping their eye on the ball and making sure that they were clean for each and every customer. This place compared to other places I really felt a nice vibe of harmony within the staff and felt a trust with them which I believe is Tacos Lopez’s main goal.

If you are looking for a restaurant that offers fresh, straight out of the grill food, excellent prices, and just an overall feel-good atmosphere, this sanctuary is the best place for tacos.

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