Colored Hair is Just Colored Hair

Juan Diego High School students can not dye their hair to anything that is not considered a "natural hair color". That definition is ambiguous and is subject to personal opinion and bias. The rule must be removed from the school handbook.


Danielle Cahuenas,

Danielle Cahuenas, a high school student in Oscuela County, Florida, started a petition after getting fined for what she felt was self expression.

There is an infamous rule here at Juan Diego.

Any hair color that is ‘not natural’ is not allowed, all students must have natural hair colors. When school starts back up in the summer, students may not come back to school unless their hair is dyed back to the original color, and or any other non-natural color is out of their hair.

We the students feel as if this rule is overboard and as such, it does not need to be in the handbook. Students feel as if their self-expression is being limited. The school shouldn’t be able to force everyone into this singular idea. 


We the students feel as if Juan Diego tries too hard to make everyone look the same.

The uniform already makes us look somewhat the same and when we are forced to have brown, black, brown, and natural red hair we can’t express ourselves the ways that we want to. Not only does it affect your school life because you can’t have the color of hair that you want but it affects your life outside of school. Students can’t dye their hair over school breaks, because they know that when they come back to school they will have to dye it back.


Students argue that being unique and being able to express themselves in many ways is net better for their mental health than being forced to be and look uniform with one another. Following that, we just want to do it for fun, it should not affect the school, and or the staff to the point where we can get in serious trouble and possibly fined. Not letting students dye their hair, and limiting their self-expression is NOT a supportive and positive environment for them. We have to change the status quo and make it a more accepting and positive space. The students believe that there are changes that need to happen to the handbook, and this is one of them.


Although it makes Juan Diego look more uniform, we should end this rule that has forced people to not express themselves. There are so many different reasons why people want to dye their hair, and for a high school to not allow that is not okay. If Juan Diego strives to be some welcoming and accepting school that “develops the entire person”, then they NEED to accept the fact that not everyone wants to have the same color. We, as a school body, must be the ones who change this policy and talk to Dr. Colosimo and the administration to see what we can do to get rid of a rule that doesn’t allow people to express themselves. They need to accept that some people just want to be spontaneous and try different hair colors. It’s clear that freedom to be oneself shouldn’t be confined by some writing in a handbook.