A Not So Natural Affair

The Growlers have a cult following of surfers, stoners, and skaters, but their most recent album “Natural Affair” hasn't gotten the attention it deserves

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The Growlers
The cover art for The Growlers’ new album “Natural Affair.”

The Growlers have a cult following of surfers, stoners, and skaters, but their most recent album “Natural Affair” hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves.

The Growlers’ newest album came out last October, and many fans think that the album has a more mainstream or commercial feel to it. They are known for their beachy, psychedelic rock, dubbed as “Beach Goth” (and is coincidentally the name of the record label they’ve made) but many supporters think they are straying from this aesthetic. I disagree, the album does have a fresher feel than their other music, but it still has that signature Growlers feel to it.
The first song I heard was the single “Try Hard Fool”. It features lead singer Brooks Nielsen’s rough vocals and smooth, almost whiny guitar from lead guitarist Matt Taylor. The lyrics discuss the fine line between working hard, getting what you want and becoming the universally disliked ‘Try Hard.’

Some fools never learn to take their turn It’s just a game though you ain’t no child You gotta laugh every once in a while Without danger, there ain’t no style But you can only try so hard”

My favorite song off the record was “Foghorn Town”. The lyrics paint the picture of a sleepy town, and what it takes to get out of said town and make it in the world. The whole album has recurring messages of making it in the music industry. This song is more upbeat and very easy to dance to.

Things unsaid, regurgitated mess Whip your head and try to shake off regrets Fortunes for the bold, don’t get too comfortable Life ain’t paradise, it’s a pair of dice so let ’em roll”

— The Growlers

My least favorite song on the album was “Truly”. It’s one of the slower songs on the album, and the melody and lyrics are very repetitive throughout its entirety. The lyrics discuss a woman who has been lying to him and how he wishes she had told him the truth quicker. Even though it’s a little repetitive, it’s a good song to listen to when you’re ‘in your feels’.

Truly When were you gonna tell me Who you were? I only wish that I had heard it From you first”

— The Growlers

With hardly any boring songs, this album has already become one of my favorites. Although the album has a slightly more mainstream sound to it, it still has that iconic “Beach Goth” feel and sound to it and is very enjoyable to listen to. Even if you’ve never heard of the Growlers, this album is worth a shot for its catchy lyrics and smooth guitar.