Parking Lot Mayhem


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Picture of a busy parking lot.

Children, teenagers, and parents all go through their daily tasks at our school. They enter the parking lot, not knowing about the potential danger they might be vulnerable to. Which in turn is calling for a school-wide change to fix this vital problem.
We, as a school, face several obvious problems when it comes to our parking lot rules and regulations. And have done very little to fix the current situation for problems such as speeding, traffic and after school gathering. “For some odd reason, the west parking lot seems to always be crowded both before and after school,” said Freshman Haylie Mikkelsol. She explained this to be one of the major problems that she and her parents face when trying to escape this wild parking lot.
While some people believe that the parking lots have gotten worse, other’s actually believe that the school parking lot has actually decreased in problems throughout the school year. “I honestly think that it’s become clearer especially in the morning,” Teacher Vickie Iverson explained. “Which is why, Salts didn’t have to keep the original parking rules and regulations,” she established. And in some areas he was right, In terms of how overall clutter of the parking lots have decreased, most likely due to both new and old drives in the parking lot becoming more aware of their surroundings.
Although not only have we had problems in the parking lot after and before school, but at night time as well. “Yeah, Sometimes I’m faced with having to call angry parents,” which Dean Sam Salts explained to be a common consequence to the activity in the parking lot that would happen overnight. Later describing how “After crashing parties that first of all, weren’t supposed to be in our parking lot, as well as doing alcohol and other underaged activities.” He concluded. Describing how this action usually taken on by seniors and juniors would not be tolerated to any degree, and would ultimately end, with consequences being delivered to those who had originated this activity.