The Season of Track and Field

How players are planning on starting off the season and what the most popular events are

Track season is starting up again. Some students have been practicing all winter for Track and Field season, and know it’s their time to show their progress with new players and some insight into some of the most common events, such as javelin, hurdles and long distance running.
Newcomers are joining the track season this year. And they’ve been preparing all winter for it. “Yeah, I’ve been running about a mile in the snow,” Sophomore Jack Closser explained. “In order to build up my endurance for my long distance running,” he described. As Jack described in brief detail, How he has been preparing for the track and field season, in the events that he wanted to succeed the most in such as, long distance running, hurdles and javelin throwing.
“I’m kinda enthusiastic about the season starting, but I can’t push myself to practice my actual events.” Freshman Dillion Payne said.
While individuals like Kolton Mazzer, are preparing for the track season in a less effective way. “I don’t really think you need to prepare for the track and field season,” Sophomore Kolton Mazzer protested. “I mean as long as you try your hardest, then I don’t think you would need to practice before the season.” He concluded. While interviewing Kolton Mazzer, He heavily explained the fact that it would be near pointless to prepare for a sport that was practically common sense.
While I have elaborated on information about each person’s perspective of the new player’s preparing the season. There should be something said about the most common events
Track and Field is a combination of a variety of events that go from running to throwing events. Some of the most common events within Track and Field. Such as 100-400 meter sprints which is where you run a certain distance as fast as possible. Another common event are the 110-400 meter hurdles, where the goal is to complete the course as quickly as possible. In this event, however, they must jump ten hurdles during the race. Another common event is javelin and discus throw. There your goal is to throw your designated object as far as possible. With good information about both newcomers, as well as insight into new events, Track and Field is getting ready to start of their new season strong.