For Kobe and Gigi Bryant


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Kobe with his daughter, courtside, at a Los Angeles Lakers and Atlanta Hawks NBA game.

Oscar Winner, two-time gold medal Olympian, and 15 All-star Game appearances, now Kobe Bryant and his daughter have tragically died in a helicopter crash. He made a huge impact on the game of basketball, and many people are making memorials and dedicating things for Kobe. He was a great father and a great teammate. Kobe accomplished so much during his long NBA career. He is the youngest player to score 33,000 points, he is the youngest player to be named to the All-Rookie team, youngest player to be named to the All-Defensive team, he is the only player in NBA history to score 600 points in the postseason for three years straight, he is the youngest player to start an all-star game, and the youngest player to win the slam dunk contest. “Watching him create and put moves into a game that nobody thought would happen put a lot of confidence in my game.”Sophomore Nick Kimball said.  

Many players at the school try to model their game after his game. Basketball players around the world try to be like Kobe, he has his own line of clothes and shoes with Nike, and he is a big influencer. “His mentality helped me push myself when I was tired, and that made me a better player and a better man.” Kimball finished Kobe had such an amazing range on his shot. He was the definition of an all-around player.

Kobe was a childhood idol for me. ”

— Nick Kimball

He was an amazing father to not only his kids, but the kids that were at the Mamba Academy, which is a center for basketball that he created. Sadly his daughter Gianna, aka Gigi died in the crash as well. Kobe has 3 other daughters that survive him, their names are Natalia Diamante, Bianka Bella, and Capri Kobe Bryant. 

 We lost a great player and a great human in this crash. We can only hope to recreate his legacy the best we can.  

Kobe shooting a buzzer beater 3 point shot.