The Perseverance of Para

How JD’s para basketball team can continue to contribute this current season



Para Basketball is making sure they improve so they win their next game.

JD’s freshman Para Basketball is starting off their season in shambles and has lost every game so far. I will be bringing a little insight into why the season started off so badly and what the Para Basketball team can do to make their season one to remember.

Some players don’t trust certain players on the basketball court”

— Dillon Hotham

Starting off the season, our Para Basketball teams have been struggling with their free-throws, passing, and unacceptable team coordination. “Some players don’t trust certain players on the basketball court,” freshman Dillon Hothan complained. “Mostly due to a surplus of new and inexperienced teammates,” he described. As shown through some of the games played by himself and his basketball team, they leave their newly added players vulnerable to the raw anxiety of having the ball in their hands and are unable to come to the proper judgement to further their win in the game. This often results in the basketball being taken away.
Along with the passing, free-throws have proven to be one of the major problems on the court. “On more than one occasion, our free-throws have cost us the game,” sophomore Thomas Varghese III explained. “Although our contributions to practice free-throws are small, we have been determined to exercise our skills and aim before our games,” he observed. As I have observed throughout their games, I have acknowledged that not only for one but for all Para Basketball teams, team coordination has a major part to play in their natural dysfunction and lack of perseverance throughout their games.
Although JD Para Basketball has its faults, there is still hope through practice and hard work. “We could start doing more practice basketball games against our home teams,” freshman Julian Hernandez announced. “There we could increase not only our free-throws and passing but our team coordination as a whole,” he replied. These aspects of perseverance and growth to learn truly dwells within every player on the court and could be used as a stepping stone for not just the Para Basketball team but the entire sports community as a whole.
JD Para Basketball team is on it’s way to having a truly magnificent season. If they are willing to truthfully understand and learn from their mistakes and grow not only as a team but as a family.