Xavier Carlton: Big Man, Big Talent, Big Heart


247 sports

Xavier’s recruting profile from 247 sports shows how good he is.

A four-star recruit, All American Bowl player, and D1 bound star. You will have probably heard about Xavier if you go to Juan Diego Catholic or are into football recruitment profiles. You have heard about all of his football accomplishments, but he also has a great life outside of football.
On his Instagram, he has a lot of photos of his family. He is a very family-oriented guy, and he loves to be with them, especially his little brother Miles. His mother and father both attended the University of Utah and they both played sports for the University of Utah. He likes to hang out with them and just take a break from all of the extracurriculars. “My favorite thing to do with my family is to watch movies, and go to dinner with them.” Xavier Carlton said.
If you ask for help, Xavier is always one of the first to be there. He leads by example and he is the guy that everyone wants to be. You see Xavier doing a lot around the school and you see him actively participating in class. This hard work ethic earned him a scholarship at the University of Utah for football. “I am planning on majoring in Communications at the University of Utah,” Carlton said. Xavier has many surprising hobbies outside of sports that he balances on top of school, “ I like to play video games, build puzzles, and play other sports.” Carlton said.
There is still one question that hasn’t been answered yet. Why would he choose Juan Diego? There are so many other schools that are bigger and better than Juan Diego, such as Corner Canyon and Orem. “I didn’t have any other highschools I was considering,” Carlton said. “I came to JD because it was the perfect fit for me as a student and athlete,” Carlton continued. “It has a family atmosphere and every student and teacher I met welcomed me with open arms,” Carlton finished. Xavier chose Juan Diego in the way that Doctor Colosimo wants people to see the school, as a community.
The students here at Juan Diego are excited to see Xavier compete and continue achieving at a higher level. He is a high achiever and will continue to compete athletically and educationally at the highest level

Xavier Carlton’s instagram: @xcarlton44
Xavier is really close to his father.