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The “Average” Students

Anecdotes from readers that back up our survey's findings.

February 28, 2020

According to the survey, here’s what the average JD student does during reading: sometimes falls asleep (38%), sometimes talks to their friends (37%), sometimes even stares off into space (39%), but ultimately is reading most of the time (half said they were reading above 75% of the time), and ultimately is getting through books at a steady pace (almost 80% reading more than 100 pages per month).

But since no one person is the exact embodiment of “average” during reading, here are some individual JDReads stories from students.

Lacey Cintron
Rutherford, who sees both the pros and cons, reading Beautiful Boy by David Sheff

“I actually think it’s productive,” sophomore Adison Rutherford said, a new student at Juan Diego. “Sure, it’s redundant, but it does show positive results of reading and comprehension growth.” Rutherford is not alone in pushing through and taking advantage of the time: over half the students surveyed were reading above 200 pages per month.

“Usually I am actively reading. I’m sure as I keep doing reading period throughout high school that might change, but there isn’t much else to do except for read.” Rutherford said about her perspective on reading.

Given this is her first year in Juan Diego, the reading period concept here at Juan Diego is a whole new experience. “I’ve never had anything like it at old schools; only reading homework and even that wasn’t as strict. I guess it just makes Juan Diego a little more unique.”


Lacey Cintron
Lindula is reading the poetry book Reflection by Tyler Lockett.

Senior Olivia Culley found reading time to be an easy fit. “So my reading habits haven’t really changed. I have always enjoyed reading, and never had an issue with it,” Culley said. Even being exposed to reading period for four years, Culley is still able to actually read the majority of reading periods. Although, she is no exception to the occasional slip. “I feel like everyone has those days where you honestly fall asleep on accident. I have to have a decent book I’m into and am engaged with. It really depends on the day.”

The occasional doze isn’t uncommon among JD students: almost 40% admitted to falling asleep sometimes, though full on sleeping isn’t terribly common, with only about 15% of students saying they “often” or “always” sleep.

Though the majority of the student body does not actually dislike reading, the structure and location of reading period could use some fine tuning.

“Occasionally, I just can’t bring myself to read. It would be easier if it was in mentor groups or something.” Rutherford also stated.

“Sometimes I just get really anxious during reading,” sophomore Lauren Lindula said. “It’s so cramped and deathly silent, I’m just not comfortable enough to do any actual reading. Not to mention how cold it is.” Lindula stated.

Reading period isn’t an exact science, and as he stated in an above article, Dr. Colosimo isn’t “a purist,” so hopefully some changes can be made to better serve the “average” JD student. With that said, this incarnation of reading time is the most successful yet, and the survey statistics back this up.

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